How Live Streaming Is Saving Business, Events, And Savings During The Covid-19 Epidemic


The level of coronavirus crisis is affecting almost every aspect of daily life worldwide. As COVID-19 continues its global spread, authorities are prohibiting large gatherings of people and prompting businesses to implement door-to-door protocols. Because the crisis is forcing us to adapt to a “new normal”, technology is taking us to the center stage to help us through the transition. Event Live Streaming is among these techniques.

In fact, the popularity and usability of video delivery on the Internet grows rapidly, with reports suggesting that Life Streaming has attracted 47% more users this time than last year. With the influx of telehealth, remote learning, remote video conferencing, and canceled events, this versatile tool is changing the way we stay in contact with others – especially in the era of social distance.

Life Streaming & Business

Businesses have probably benefited the most from using life streaming. Even before the outbreak, about 85% of senior tech executives said that at least half of the employees working from their home (WFH) work, and a quarter of all organizations are now completely remote – each of that goal. With more companies nearby. COVID-19 has forced us to maintain a safe social distance from each other, the percentage of the WFH workforce has only increased in recent weeks.

Life streaming has helped teams stay connected internally and with customers. As many as possible companies have used businesses such as Zoom to keep businesses as close to “normal” as possible. In fact, some experts believe that WFH can also increase productivity. During the past decade, high-speed Internet and other innovations have made it possible for us to work from anywhere, but about 29% of US employees actually did their work remotely by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

Additionally, Life Streaming can build employee engagement through department-or team-wide meetings and higher up-to-one discussions. In fact, a Gallup study showed that employees who have regular engagement with supervisors are involved in three times more work than those who work. Also, the Life Video offers everyone the opportunity to watch, speak and listen so that teams can work as efficiently as they would with everyone in the same room.

Life Streaming & Education

Today, Internet access and life streaming technologies ensure that learning is not restricted by physical boundaries. Schools and universities are streaming classes, and teachers are connecting with students using life streaming technology.

With the implementation of this technology, instructors can host and deploy a live, virtual classroom to hundreds or thousands of spectators in a matter of minutes, making students feel like they are attending a live lecture. Similarly, life streaming apps enhance homeschooling by encouraging connections and enabling the ability to learn from students living in different regions of the world.

Life Streaming and Human Connectivity

Even though the virus is forcing us to remain isolated, technological development makes sure to connect with friends and loved ones, it’s easy to click a few buttons.

Until that time, Facebook has seen a 70% increase in Messenger Group video calls in the wake of the recent epidemic. Additionally, as more Americans live at home, we are seeing significant changes in TV / video and digital content consumption across platforms. When comparing the four most recent days of available data, this increase is more pronounced than similar days in 2020.


By using the right video streaming tools for team building and company engagement, any organization can harness the power of streaming life to keep everyone productive and healthy. Whether providing an interactive digital experience in place of an in-person event, transitioning to a completely remote workforce, seeking medical advice, or chatting with friends and colleagues, Life Streaming helps companies on the front lines Can be implemented.

From business education to healthcare and beyond, novel viruses are challenging us to use live streaming technologies in unique new applications that help us stay healthy, smart and secure.

Even though the worldwide spread of COVID-19 is changing the way we interact and work, there is a growing opportunity to implement live streaming technologies to help us overcome the challenges posed by the crisis. While the business impact will become more pronounced as we learn more, the impact on live streaming to improve our daily lives can be disproportionate.

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