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How SEO Helps In Improving Business Growth


Your business is only as good as how people see it. No matter how great your products or services may be, if it doesn’t get seen or receive the publicity it deserves, it is not going to have an audience. That alone is the reason why marketing is the core pillar in a successful business.

Talking about marketing, it is a collective term that covers a lot of aspects. If the goal is to make your product or business more widespread, it falls under the act of marketing. With this being said, the practice of marketing can get overwhelming. Where do you begin and which one should you prioritize?

In this digital age with more than 80% of the population being on the internet, your priority should be on your website. One way to get it the attention it deserves is through SEO. If you are reading this article, then you already have heard it and are looking into it. However, the question that lingers in your mind is what is it and is it worth it?

SEO Gets You Discovered

The biggest problem with the internet is that it is a collection of everything, literally. There are millions of websites that come out when you are searching for something. Type in “phone repair shop” and you will be greeted by a limitless list of choices.

For a consumer, it is the best experience. However, for a business owner, this can be the worst. From the hundreds of thousands of businesses competing in the same field, how do you get chosen?

It is at this point wherein SEO gets in the picture. You can keep on running your website hoping that it gets eventually discovered. You can put in the manual effort of sharing your website and having prior customers share it. Or, you can do your best so that when a keyword is searched, your website lands on the first page of the search results.

Being at the first page of search results increases, if not guarantees, the chances of your website being clicked. As a matter of fact, more than 92% of search engine clicks happen on the first page of the results. Even if only 10% of all the clicks lands on your website, that is still a huge audience that gets to see what you have to offer. That easily translates to your business being more discoverable.

The New Generation That Loves to Search

So, how effective is it to invest in SEO and on an SEO expert? If you want to know if at the end of the day SEO is as important as it claims to be, you need to understand the changing global audience. With the dawn of the internet, people now have the ability to conduct a search. Therefore, more and more are starting to prefer making a decision for themselves through their searches than any other form of marketing.

To put this into perspective, 11% of the global population are using ad blockers. Around 70% say that they would rather learn about a company through an article over an advert. With these numbers, skipping on SEO is a huge potential market being lost.

Is SEO Difficult?

The reason why the term SEO or search engine optimization keeps on popping up is because it is widely practiced. While it can get difficult, it is nothing from impossible to achieve. As a matter of fact, according to SEO expert Vikas Rana, SEO is nothing more than making the best version of your website.

If you are improving the content of your website by curating articles that are more concentrated around a certain topic, that is an effort towards SEO success. Making your site more user-friendly and decluttered? Another way to improve SEO. Putting links on your articles to reference sources also contributes to the pursuit.

It is not an effort that is completely new to you. It is just a matter of perfecting ways to improve your website overall. However, there are going to be more technical details about SEO in which in order to master and implement, you are going to want to get an SEO expert.

Does SEO Really Help in Business Growth?

The numbers do not lie. People like content and they like to search for it in search engines. If you want to be discoverable in the medium that a lot of people now prefer, SEO is what you need to do. It doesn’t just help, it is the corner stone of digital business marketing. It is the core principle which you don’t want to miss out, because it is a huge potential market lost.

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