How to Benefit from Video Marketing for SEO

How to Benefit from Video Marketing for SEO
How to Benefit from Video Marketing for SEO

Video marketing is undoubtedly an effective strategy to help your website beat its online competitors. Websites having video content have 53 times more chances of getting ranked on the first page of Google. Relevant images and text posts will help you boost your place in the search rankings. But website videos will surely give you an edge when making your business stand out. 

Since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, SEO marketers have realized that getting a rank for their websites in the long term is not just about creating many links. It also means making high-quality content that will eventually attract links. However, a type of SEO with great potential, yet still not appropriately utilized, is video search engine optimization (VSEO).

Most brands use video makers and content as part of their online marketing strategy but do not prioritize it. However, if used correctly, video is a compelling content form that significantly contributes to your overall SEO strategy in many ways. 

Video and SEO

SEO basically involves utilizing the internal content strategy and aligning it with search engines’ algorithms. And although we don’t always have an idea of what exactly Google looks for, we know for sure that video is a powerful tool.

So why, or how does video increase SEO rankings?

Google usually shows a thumbnail right next to the search result of any video, which happens for almost 26% of search results. Users have a high probability of clicking on such listings. The thumbnail turns this result into a ‘rich snippet’ with higher click-through rates than standard snippets.

It is believed that Google prioritizes search results that have video compared to those without it. While Google has never confirmed this directly, as per marketers, their SEO results have proved this.

Video even helps in other factors which Google considers. The two most important factors for SEO are the time users spend on the site and the number of backlinks linking you back to the domain. Video content helps you improve both. As per a study, people spend twice as much time on a page with video than a page without it. The higher your video content’s quality, the higher the number of backlinks you get.

This is how video benefits SEO, directly and indirectly. Video influences your ranking and other factors that are a part of Google’s selection system. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine; therefore, try to make a video that comes on the first results page. 

Here’s how you can boost SEO by making a video for content marketing:

  • Mobile optimization

This is among the main concerns of online marketing. Within a short period, mobile views have left behind desktop views for all online content. Mobile is undoubtedly becoming unbeatable when it comes to the best ways to view online content.

Internet traffic from mobiles also amounts to 51% of the total internet traffic. Currently, mobile optimization is a popular trend in organizations. Moreover, watching videos is more convenient than reading text content on smaller screens. This is why businesses and brands must also consider the screens on which their audience views their website.

  • Pay attention to the technical details

The first step is to upload your video to a site like YouTube. Enter the appropriate information on the backend so that search engine crawlers can properly identify and prioritize your video. 

YouTube uses various factors to determine your ranking:

  • Information about the title tag 
  • Audience retention 
  • Description tag
  • Keywords 
  • Video duration 
  • Number of subscribers after watching
  • Comments 
  • Dislikes and likes 

Not all of these are entirely under your control (e.g., comments and subscribers). Focus on the ones that are, so you know you’ve done everything you can to improve your video’s ranking.

  • Use metadata 

Include metadata in your video descriptions the way you would for your website’s meta description, title, and tags. Metadata should simply convey the essence of your service or product. Include keywords in the meta description or title. Search engines use this information to identify your video and rank video results accordingly.

  • Create a video sitemap for your website

If you have made and published much video content for your website, it becomes tricky to get them appropriately ranked. You may then choose to create a video sitemap.

A video sitemap is a text file containing essential information about your video content. Once you send a sitemap to Google, you’re notifying search engines about your video: what it’s called, what it’s about, how long it is, and who it’s for. 

This data is critical in getting your video listed by search engines. Basically, a video sitemap assists Google in determining which websites include video content and their primary focus. 

  • Post the video on different channels 

Video sharing is a trend popular on almost every social media platform. Sharing videos on several platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.) simultaneously will give you a brief idea of which video is getting the most engagement. Remember that your page ranking is directly proportional to the engagement your video will create, allowing you to seem assertive to Google.

  • Promote comments and likes

One way of encouraging users to take positive action on your video is by inserting a motivating call-to-action. Moreover, as far as engagement and interaction are concerned, encouraging likes and comments is still among the best ways. This engagement helps make your video visible to more people and enhances the SEO ranking simultaneously.


Making a video presents a wonderful opportunity for SEO to achieve great results and keep your audience interested. You have to get creative and invest in good-quality videos like you would with any other type of content. Video marketing for SEO is also all about video campaign strategies, not haphazard and spontaneous ventures. In a nutshell, it’s all about utilizing video on all of your marketing platforms to achieve more profitable results.


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