How To Implement Animated Videos In My Strategy?


The most important thing is to know your Buyer Persona and their purchase process. Only with this knowledge can you implement content that really connects emotionally or rationally with their needs.

Before we move on the strategy, we need an Animation Video Maker, and one of the best correspondent software is Mango Animate Animation Maker, that make you do your animation work within few minutes with minimum efforts required. There are hundreds of online templates which can help you in creating your own animation just by replacing the contents in the templates with the one you want. There are different animation effects that can make your video a more vivid one.

The best way to plan animated audiovisual content for your marketing is through planning.

  1. Know your audience 

Knowing your audience will ensure that your content speaks to their interests, concerns, and in the right style.

It is not only about creating an animated video where you talk about your service, if you have a clear idea of ​​who your Buyer Persona is, what their needs, points of interest, constant problems, goals, challenges and even possible pretexts for your product are. Or service, it is MUCH more likely that you can create content that creates a positive effect on the perception of your offer.

  1. Create content for each stage of the purchase process

Well, you already know your user but you are not sure at what stage of the purchase process they are or when to mention certain benefits. Error!

Remember that you must make a clear segmentation of what your prospect hurts or wants to solve and how your value offer becomes unique and at what time. If you are clear about this, it is much easier for you to create content that clicks with them.

  1. Add Call to Action in the video 

If you have the above steps, you are about to achieve it. Now you only need to generate CTA’s of course that tell the user the next steps.

You must be clear, internally, what the objective of each animated video is and where it should direct them. Only in this way will you be able to place Call to Action clearly that lead the consumer to the next steps.

Advantages of animated videos

Well, we have already talked about how animated videos capture the user’s attention, in addition to increasing the retention of information. Even so, here we leave you other advantages;

  1. Gives you full control in the script

Whenever you work with an agency or a freelancer, they must teach you a previous script of the content.

The ideal is that you check it meticulously, you must take care that each word is in the correct tone but above all it sends the correct message of your brand and the solution you offer.

It is important that you approve the script to ensure that the animated video meets the correct objectives for commercial funnel.

  1. They are less expensive than highly produced videos

Yes, a great and incredible advantage.

The generation of animated videos allows you to obtain a video in less time and at a lower cost. They are definitely less expensive videos than those that require different locations, people and production.

  1. If your video is very graphic, you can remove language barriers

Another great advantage is that if the video is too visually explanatory, you can eliminate the language barrier. It does not necessarily have to be in the same language as the other person for that person to understand you.

  1. Does not discriminate 

The research we mentioned previously, showed that people feel more comfortable with this type of video since it does not discriminate by age, gender and race.

Carla Clark said that these types of videos have a massive attraction since “” They do not discriminate by age or gender, neither between skimmers and deep readers, nor by newbies or industry experts “.

  1. They are more likely to be shared 

This research also showed that these types of videos have a tendency to be shared three times on social networks and twice to recommend the product in question.

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