How to Keep Employees under the Radar

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The hustle and bustle leave no time for employers to monitor the employees personally and with the current pandemic, this has become more difficult. Employees are the core of an organization and they know all the company secrets. It has become mandatory to track their movements so that they cannot disclose private information.

From the past, it has become more important to keep the employees under the radar as now everything is linked to the Internet including company contracts information, etc.There are also smart contracts that are signed using digital signatures and all this information is stored online which can be accessed by company employees. This becomes a kind of risk. The company also maintains a backup file for all their contracts, etc. and they are most probably present in drop boxes. These drop boxes are protected by a password but employees are sometimes also given access so that they can maintain them. This becomes an issue because employees cannot be trusted completely as they may leak all these files for personal gains so this problem needs an effective solution. And OgyMogy employee monitoring app is the best solution for keeping the employees under the radar. By using the following features of it, employers can now monitor their employees easily.

Screen Recording

The first step to keeping the employees under the radar is to monitor their company pc or systems. Employees spend most of the time with their pc so it’s mandatory to keep an eye on them. OgyMogy provides this amazing feature where it lets you record the screens of pc of your employees. This is done by providing a short video of screenshots of the system.It screenshots the monitor’s screen and then makes a short video of all screenshots and sends it to the employer. This is quite efficient as employers can see the activities of all employees and can know whether they are loyal employees or not.

Listening to Calls

Most of the communication nowadays is done by using SMS or calls. In businesses, calls play an important role as most of the prep talk of business deals is done via calls. In such cases, employees are familiar with the contact numbers of clients. In most cases, deals are canceled as employees contact the clients on their own which is not ethical. So, to ensure that employees are not hiding some propaganda, it is best to listen to all their calls and monitor their calls history and all this can be done by OgyMogy. With a bundle of interesting features, one of the features provided by it is that it can provide you the call history of your employees and sends you notification bout each call with the timestamps. This feature is made for employers who want to keep an eye on their employees.

Monitoring the Emails

Businesses nowadays are international. All kinds of companies have international clients where they usually communicate via emails. And most importantly, contracts are done via the Internet where digital signs are used for confirming the business deals. So, these contracts are kept safe online but then employees also know about this so what to do in this situation when you have no choice but to disclose this information to your secretaries, etc. Well, there is a solution to this and it’s OgyMogy; the best spy application. It provides you the remote access so that you can track all the emails of your employees and can keep a close eye on them so that they don’t share this information with outsiders. The feature of remote access is available on all kinds of platforms whether it’s an android, pc, or mac. Moreover, this feature also lets employers to get notified about any new emails along with the timestamps and the content of the email. So, it tracks all the emails of your employees and also notifies you about any suspicious emails.

The multiple feature set of OgyMogy includes screen recording, video recording, camera bugging, texts, and calls monitoring, microphone bugging, location tracking, remote access, tracking browsing history, and email monitoring, and so on. All these are best for employers who want to keep their employees under the radar.

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