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Make Money Online – 3 Best Affiliate Income Sources

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

Everyone wants to make money online, and affiliate marketing is one of the popular options to do that. While bloggers and marketers throw around the term affiliate income a lot, very few have really put down ways to make affiliate income online.

Today, we will tell you how to make money online by using affiliate marketing opportunities. But before that, let’s quickly explain what affiliate marketing is for those who don’t know but want to get into the business of affiliate marketing.

What’s affiliate marketing and income?

To put it in plain language, affiliate marketing is generating business for someone in exchange for rewards. The ‘business’ can be website traffic and business leads. The party is usually a website that is part of an affiliate network or has an affiliate program of its own.

The participants are:

Merchant – The one willing to pay for business/traffic

Network – The one hosting the affiliate programs and managing payments.

Publisher – The one who generates mileage for merchants

Customer – The one who will pay the merchant for traffic and leads.

Now that we are through the basics, let’s talk how to make money online by using affiliate income sources:

Launch an affiliate product site

There are tons of websites out there that exist simply to drive traffic to the seller (merchant). These websites are usually focused on a niche, like unique products and products under $100. Here is a perfect example. Ecommerce is probably the most popular way to make online income. Every big online store has its dedicated affiliate program that helps publishers get started and divert traffic to their website in exchange of rewards.

Start affiliate blogging

Many people think that bloggers make money from traffic. It is true but it is not the whole truth. The big money comes from affiliate marketing. What bloggers do is add affiliate links to their blogs and whenever a visitor clicks on it, the blogger makes affiliate income. Pretty simple concept. As per calculations, the founder of Brain Pickings, Popova makes around $240,000 and $432,000 a year through affiliate ads. Not every blogger makes such crazy money but if done right, the income can be decent.

Become a reviewer

There are influencers in every industry and most of them use their influence to generate income online. Businesses who understand the reach of these influencers approach them to try their product or service and share a review with their audience. Sometimes, these reviews are promotional. Sometimes, they are not. That said, there is no dearth of businesses that would pay for a review or product coverage by an influencer.

Content is at the centre of affiliate marketing. To make your content have a wider audience and make more affiliate money, it is important to build brand identity online and position yourself as an authority in the industry you are focusing on.

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