How To Make Sure You Are Safe Working From A Coworking Space During This Pandemic


The entire world took a U-turn after the covid-19 pandemic struck our lives. We lost men, material and goods in excess. Yet we are still grateful for what remains. The pandemic has turned upside down what was previously considered normal and then set new standards iKeva of what is now considered as normal. What previously seemed unconventional and unimportant is now considered as absolutely necessary. The simplest example of this is wearing masks.

No doubt the worldwide catastrophe has torn down every occupation and profession that has come in its way. No such realm is left that has not incurred losses. So now that we have experienced the worst human crisis ever imagined, the decision makers of each line of business have managed to come up with various strategies and tactics that allow their business to at least survive if not thrive. Coworking space in Hyderabad are one such business that has not taken a back seat and rather took various measures to fight back the unprecedented predicament. The following are a few measures taken by shared office spaces to minimise the ripple effect that covid-19 has had on them.

  • Modifying spaces for ensuring social distance:- The floor plans and layout of a plug and play office is modified to ensure physical distance between workers. Before the communicable disease struck our lives, the office interiors were such that they promoted interaction and inhibited As a result these spaces became hotspots of professional networking. But now that
  • Regular and improvised cleaning and sanitation- The coworking space is a shared office approach wherein the physical space is used by various workers. Therefore, this puts it at a higher risk of becoming a corona virus spreader. So the coworking spaces have improvised their sanitation routines and tightened their cleaning schedules.
  • Implementing new capacity protocols- As the Multinationals and conglomerates begin to de densify their campuses, they are promoting more distance working and work from home. However, at plug and play offices things are a little bit different. Putting a ceiling on The capacity of the shared office space is lowered not by stopping people from joining in or decreasing the membership of the workspace. In fact, plug and play office managers chalk out schedules and divide time and allocate shifts hourly or day-wise to manage the number of people in the office area. This abides by the government rules and assures the safety of the fellow workers.
  • Health screening – this is a time where one individual is at danger from another being who can be unwell. Covid-19 is a disease that may or may not show symptoms. To assure that every person entering into the premises is healthy and absolutely fine, health screening is set up at the entrance. This may include checking vitals of the person like temperature and oxygen level.
  • Regular sanitisation:- The most important steps needed to fight the disease is regular washing of hands, sanitization and maintaining cleanliness. Not only installing sanitization desks and sanitation tunnels but sanitization of furniture, lifts, common meeting points, washrooms and equipment is a necessary step too. IKeva ensures regular sanitization of both the employees and the premises and also implements new rules that are in accordance with government guidelines.
  • Promoting vaccination :- In a country like India where hearsay and rumours about government policies are rampant people are not so willing to take vaccination voluntarily. Encouraging the public is a tough task. Coworking office spaces promote taking vaccine doses and not believe in hearsay and become responsible individuals.
  • Regular free health check ups for employees and inmates:- In these dire times people are afraid of visiting hospitals and clinics even for the most urgent reasons . They are scared of visiting doctors or to share with others even the most mediocre medical condition. In this scenario providing free health check ups is like a ray of hope. These consultations and check ups help the people to clarify their doubts about medical knowledge and ensure their well being.
  • Stress busting- The negativity emanating from all corners is spreading darkness and uncertainty. The psyche of individuals has been harmed and the stress levels have touched all time high. Mere spending time in the vicinity of other people rejuvenates them, breaking the shackles of isolation.

It has been over a year now that the pandemic has ravaged our existence. As plug and play offices across the globe are revamping to keep their legacy intact, we can only hope for a better tomorrow. Discipline is the only solution to coronavirus. iKeva has put in its best efforts to follow these disciplinary measures and make our spaces safe for the occupants. Visit iKeva now for the most hygienic and safe office spaces.

Rajesh Saini

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