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How to Make Your Website Better

Make Your Website Better
Make Your Website Better

Your website should never be down and must always perform better than the others. Please read this article to improve your online selling.

Keep homepage simple and helpful

Make your homepage simple and uncluttered. Make sure that your potential customers get what they want on this page. Tell them who you are, and what all can they do on the website. When customers get the right information, they are more likely to buy your products or services. Experts within CRO (conversion rate optimisation) can help you design better home pages. Please continue reading.

What devices are your customers using?

The modern consumer is mostly using laptops to surf the web. He is a mobile customer and would want the website to load quickly on his device. At this stage, you should answer several questions. Is your website mobile-responsive?

Search engines like Google love responsive websites. Designing these is not that difficult, and you can build a mobile-friendly website yourself.

However, this does not mean you should not build sites that don’t suit laptops. Presently, there are several users who still access websites through their desktops and laptops.

Light Themes

You should always use light these while make your website better. This way, your website would open quickly, and help your customer in doing whatever he wants.

Please remember that search engines penalize sites that are slow to load (searchengineland.com).

What are themes? There are actually website designs. Some of them are free, while others are premium,


Every marketer wants to play his customer with as much information as he can. But this is not helpful actually. The modern consumer has a very low attention span, thanks to information bombardment from all sides. He wants to ingest data quickly, but he will take only that information which suits his purpose.

This means that your website should be crisp and contain as few words as possible.

Showcase your products

Since the buyer wants to see your product or service, show him your offerings on your website. This information should be presented in a simple manner. Your consumer should understand exactly what you want to sell.


Make sure that your site is running all the time. If you are running your website all by your own, it’s time to hand over the reins to someone more capable than you. Please ensure that your site is up and running all the time.

Many studies have shown that frequent downtimes can turn away customers. This can not only lead to a loss of business but an erosion as reputation as well.

Site Load Time

Though we have touched this topic earlier, we will talk about it again. If your site is taking too much time to load on any device, bring in the experts. High site load times can turn away many customers, and this can be bad for your business.

This condition occurs when you put in a lot of images and videos in your website. These heavy files drag the site load time down.

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