How to promote your niche business? 7 tips

promote your niche business

While marketing to a niche business may seem daunting, it’s not impossible when you understand the basics of a niche market. Having a smaller market means that you have to get a larger percentage to purchase your product or service than you would with traditional marketing. The good news is that people that work or play within that niche are more likely to make those purchases than you would find in a more general market.

Understand their Unique Needs

When targeting a niche market, you have one good advantage over other people promoting their products; they have needs that are specific to them that other people don’t have. A great example is 1300Rubbish; most of the population doesn’t have a need for large-scale trash removal and hauling. However, they know that construction companies, landlords, landscapers, and cleaning companies do. If they target their advertising to people that are in need of rubbish removal, they are likely to corner a larger share of that particular market.

Know Where to Find Them

The first key to promoting a niche business is identifying your customer and then knowing where to locate them to put your advertising in front of them. For example, if you sell custom dice, you’ll find table-top role-playing gamers at a local comic book store. Offer to sponsor a game night where you provide snacks and drinks to those in a tournament and pass out a small gift or coupon with your promotional material. This example can be scaled to any group that has a regular meeting location.

Find a Community

Start online. Almost every niche out there has an online community where you can follow the latest trends and find out what people need. Join a forum and start reading. There is almost definitely a subreddit for that. What do the individuals like best? What are their complaints? This is a great step in finding out how you can serve the community before you begin your marketing.

Establish Credibility

For the most part, niche businesses are started by individuals within niche markets that can’t find what they’re looking for. If this is you, you are probably already well-versed on the ins and outs of the subject. If not, you should start doing some research and making your presence known in the community. Write a blog, comment on the forums, or start attending a local meet-up of like minds. You want people within the market to recognize that you are a credible source of information and that you know what their needs are.

Personal Interactions

Make sure that there is a face behind your brand name. In niche markets, people with a passion for a specific product almost always want to engage with others that share that passion. When a potential customer asks a question or comments on your blog post, it’s important to engage with them personally, rather than with an automated response. It helps show that you share their passion and that you care about their satisfaction.

Affiliate Marketing

While this buzzword mostly applies to online sales, the idea isn’t new, and it works well both online, and in the brick and mortar world. The idea is that you find a store or business in a related field, and you offer a small commission to folks that refer customers to you. It is easy to set up online, where any link clicked is automatically credited to the owner of the site, but you can also offer a $10 or $25 gift card to anyone that refers a new customer to you.

Cross-Marketing and Networking

One of the best ways to market to a niche community is to find other niche businesses with a shared interest but a distinct product and advertise for each other. This can be a great way to reduce advertising costs and generate sales. For example, a massage therapist who specializes in maternal massage for pregnant women can build a relationship with a gym that caters to new moms trying to get back in shape. The gym can refer pre-natal yoga clients to the massage therapist in return. Both businesses get the benefit of the referral, and it’s not hurting either one’s sales numbers.


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