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The year ‘2020’ has not been less than a nightmare for all of us. The unexpected coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown to curb the disease forced all of us to work from home. Many of us were fortunate enough that we didn’t lose our jobs and were able to work virtually. Now, imagine the employees who were forced to leave their respective jobs or were sent on leave without pay (LOP) until the situation gets normal.

The employees of the hospitality and tourism industry were down on their luck. The COVID-19 pandemic primarily impacted the hospitality and tourism industry. Since the world is unlocking post-pandemic, the hospitality and tourism industry is getting back to normal quickly. It is the right time to make a career in this industry as it pays well and has ample growth opportunities. Joining hospitality and tourism industry can take your career to a new height.

After being confined to homes for over six months, travelers are now ready with their backpacks to explore the earth once again. Governments across the world are also promoting tourism and inviting people to visit their states as it is one of the significant sources of revenue generation. Though the hospitality and tourism industry has suffered a massive loss, it is ready to welcome all the tourists with open hearts.

How many people visit Canada every year?

First, let us take a quick look at the pre-COVID scenario of the hospitality and tourism sector. A survey conducted by Statistics Canada reveals that over 22.1 million people visited Canada in the year 2019. In comparison, the figure was approximately 21.1 million in 2018.

Coming to the post- COVID scenario, over 61,500 people visited Canada in November last year. The following data was released on the Statistics Canada website. The figure shows a remarkable comeback in this sector.

With the advancement in technology, access to our favorite destinations has become easier. We can book our tickets, hotels, food, and almost everything virtually. Expanding on online platforms has made this industry more profitable.

Notably, the hospitality and tourism industry is an umbrella term. The industry has a vast career opportunity as it covers several services such as foods and beverages, lodging, events, and transportation.

Making a career in this field would be a wise decision as it has lots of scope and offers handsome salary packages. A few of the reputed colleges in Canada provide professional courses for those interested in the service industry.

How hospitality and tourism course will benefit you?

Although there are manifold reasons to pursue the hospitality and tourism program, we will focus on the major ones.

  1. You will gain transferrable business skills.
  2. You will develop a strong foundation for career progression.
  3. You can work abroad.
  4. You can apply for any role in the industry.
  5. You can start your own business.

Pursuing a hospitality and tourism course from a top business school in Toronto, Canada can ensure that you develop the necessary skills in this domain. Thus, enroll in this program and make your career bright.

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