Areas Of Business Commonly Outsourced By Startup Companies


Most businesses choose to keep as many parts of their operations in-house as possible. While this may be good in principle, it is not possible for smaller companies to hire in the number of specialist staff it would take to complete every task. Here are some of the most commonly outsourced areas of business.


Human resources departments are essential in the successful running and continued growth of any business. Unfortunately, not every startup company can afford to hire a dedicated team of HR professionals. This explains the sheer quantity of companies that choose to outsource their HR workload during their first few years of existence. Find out more by visiting this site maintained by one such outsourcing company. Human Resource outsourcing companies complete the following essential tasks:


Finding the right candidates for a role, testing them and interviewing them is important. The right staff can help a business to grow and bring essential skills to the table. Outsourced HR teams can help to draw up job advertisements, headhunt staff at other companies and conduct interviews and trials. They are more likely to be impartial too. 


Although discipline is often best left to people operating as part of a company, some outsourced HR groups can deal with some of the official elements of in work discipline. These can include keeping records of employee absence and disciplinary actions. 

End Of Employment

Every employment has to end eventually, and it is never as simple as letting a person go or holding a goodbye party. The end of employment usually involves a great deal of paperwork, the consolidation of pensions or the provision of references. Outsourced HR teams can take the workload out of end of employment processes. 

Education And Training

Education and training programs help to level up employee ability and prepare them for the efficient completion of more complex tasks. Good educational and training programs will also draw in the most ambitious clients and help prospective candidates understand their pathways to promotion. Some companies offer employees the ability to gain nationally recognized qualifications as part of educational programs completed during their work.


Employees need to get paid on time regardless of how a company’s finances are faring. Human resources teams work with accounting staff to ensure that every person is paid what they are owed. Keeping up to date with payroll administration is absolutely crucial if a company wants to retain staff.


Every company that operates on the internet (read: all of them) needs to take care to optimize their websites for search engine algorithms. An absolutely vast quantity of internet traffic is routed through popular search engines like Google every single day. Search Engine Optimization is a term used to describe the various tactics used to make a website more visible to search engine users. These tactics can include backlinking, metadata editing, content creation and mobile formatting. Google is constantly changing its search engine algorithms, which means that SEO practices are constantly changing. For this reason, a dedicated SEO agency is usually employed by savvy startups that do not want their staff to be spending all their time keeping up with Google search trends. Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any good startup’s web strategy, and outsourcing is usually the way for them to achieve their aims efficiently. 

Web Development

Web development is a highly specialized undertaking. Front end web developers are not usually employed as permanent staff within an organization. Instead, a company will typically seek the help of a web development agency. Web development agencies will consult at length with a company before beginning work. They will assess the strategic aims of a company, ask for access to data that reveals target audiences and investigate the previous branding efforts undertaken. They will then create a bespoke site worthy of the money they are contracted to receive. Outsourcing to an agency is not usually very cheap, but it does mean that a completely unique and fit for purpose site can be set up in a relatively short time and with minimal effort on the part of a company’s internal IT staff. 

Alternatively, companies can use open-source website creation platforms such as Squarespace to create their domain. Websites created on platforms such as this can look good, but they can never be truly unique. 


Larger organizations typically hire an in-house accountant or teams of accountants. They deal with elements of payroll, balancing expenditure and incomings and generally take care of all the difficult number crunching that is essential to running a profitable company. Many startups do not have the funds available to hire a full-time qualified accountant that suits the breadth of their needs. Thankfully, there are plenty of outsourcing options available to small businesses. Accounting agencies can often offer up specialists to swoop in and conduct audits as well as more general purpose accounting experts. 


Good cybersecurity is of vital importance to nearly every company out there. Widespread hacking attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware epidemic have left many companies with poor security devastated. Data leaks have left companies struggling to reassure consumers that their information is safe. Vital services can be halted in the blink of an eye by a malicious private or state actor. Small companies are unlikely to have the funds to hire dedicated cybersecurity experts. Most organizations hire in 3rd party experts that can carefully audit and test the security measures put in place by a business and recommend measures to make them more foolproof. Cybersecurity experts know their worth and can cost a pretty penny to hire in as contractors. However, you really can’t do without robust security measures. 

Telephone Answering

Many companies opt to outsource their telephone switchboards in order to save money on hiring telephone operators. Outsourcing is absolutely worthwhile for companies that take international phone custom. It is possible to outsource out of hours telephone operators that can take calls from anywhere in the world despite any time differences. 

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