How to calculate hyperbola from data points?

hyperbola calculator
hyperbola calculator

A hyperbola is a tapered section, formed when the two halves of a circular section are cut into a plane. The common point sets of these two geometric shapes form a set. This set represents all points “D”, so the difference between the distances from “D” to focal points “A” and “B” is the normal number “C”. The focus is on two fixed points. On the rectangular plane, a hyperbola is a curve that can be expressed by the standard equation that cannot be decomposed into two polynomials of a smaller order. The hyperbola calculator can solve the hyperbola by determining the intersection with the x and y axes. , The coordinates of the focal point and draw the graph of the equation.


In mathematics, a hyperbola is a smooth curve that lies on a plane and is represented by its geometric properties or equations, which represent a series of solutions. A hyperbola consists of two parts called connected components or branches, which are mirror images of each other, similar to two infinite arcs. A hyperbola is three conical cross-sections developed by the intersection of a double cone and a plane.

Hyperbolic formula:

The hyperbola equation calculator use the intersection point of the hyperbola at the origin and along the x-axis, so the equation for points a and-a is

X2 / a2-y2 / b2 = 1,

The hyperbola is at the origin As the center, the intersection point is at b and -b. Its formula is similar to

y2 / b2-x2 / a2 = 1

Some texts use y2 / a2-x2 / b2 = 1 for the last equation. This form is usually used for such brief introductions.

The X intersection point is the corner point of the hyperbola with the formula x2 / a2-y2 / b2 = 1, and the Y intersection point is the corner point a2 = 1 of the hyperbola with the formula y2 / b2 – x2. The centerline of the horizontal axis is the center of the hyperbola, and the vertex is the horizontal axis of the hyperbola.

Hyperbola can be defined in different ways:

The intersection point of a double straight cone and a plane, the angle of which exceeds the inclination of the cone (for example, perpendicular to the bottom of the cone).

A group of all makes up to two the difference between the distances of the two focal points is constant. The collection of all points, so the ratio of the distance to the focal point divided by the distance to the straight line (direction) is greater than one.

Important information about hyperbolas:

  •         Hyperbola is a conical section formed by the intersection of planes perpendicular to the bottom surface of a double cone.
  •         Hyperbola can also be understood as the position of all points that have a common difference in distance to two focal points.
  •         All hyperbolas have two branches: focus and vertex.
  •         Hyperbola calculator refers to the inverse function of the family Y = 1 / x

The fixed point is called the focal point (foci). When two focal points are connected by a line segment, the center of the line segment connecting the focal points is called the center point. The line segment perpendicular to the horizontal axis and passing through the center is the conjugate axis of the hyperbola.

Eccentricity of the hyperbola:

The ratio of the distance from any focal point to the center of the hyperbola to a corner point of the hyperbola is defined as the eccentricity.

Eccentricity, e = c / a

Since c ≥ a, the eccentricity of the hyperbola is always greater than 1. However, hyperbola calculator provides the linear eccentricity, focal parameter, major, first asymptote, and asix length.

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