Ideas For Gifts And Surprises For The Female Colleague


Diamonds are a ladies best friend, but there’s nothing even close to an innocent and honest gesture projected to women. They understand and respect the thought that goes behind finalising and selecting a gift. And while diamonds are best friends to a woman, meaningful and honest presents will be her forever love over any other. Additionally with Christmas and the new year right around the corner a lavish and extravagant sharing of gifts is due. Just well in time, you have summoned the perfect search for the ladies in your circle. Care to join us for a hefty but fruitful search for impressionable gift items? Let’s begin

  • Wallets and purse

The fact that women like their shoes and purse to match their attire is sunk into everyone’s vein, and there’s no hiding about. This gives you the perfect opportunity to gift a ladies bag to the special woman of your life for it is undeniable and a sure shot. A small wallet to carry her key and cash can be a bonus idea.

  • Shoes and attire

When have you seen a woman denying a round of shopping, almost never unless there’s something more important to get to. Use this to the fullest and buy her shoes and clothes in her favourite colour and from her favourite brand. You can either surprise her with all the collection or take her out so she can pick the best options for herself.

  • A day of self-care

For the amount of time, she spends taking care of her family; no time is enough to compensate. You can still attempt to gift her some me-time with preferable self-care products which must include face cream, scrub, mask, lip balm, essential oils and an ice pack. You can make it more special by wrapping it all in nice wrapping paper.

  • Night in with friends

As long as she loves and craves her time with you and waits direly to meet you every day after work and returns to you as soon as she is done running the errands. But who’s to say she would deny a stress-free day with friends having her tea caring for a long chat and gulping on her favourite food. Stock it all and let her have a night with friends.

  • A mini trip to picnic

Picnics are a long lost idea but still as lovely and appropriate as they were back in the day. Plan a similar one for your lady love and pack some delicious food, a bedsheet, some drinks, a camera, and you are all set. Get her in on the idea already so she can dress up in comfortable clothes that align with the idea of a picnic. Looks like that’s all you need.

  • Surprise delivered to her office

The golden time you too spend together is unconditional and incomparable but don’t take this to mean that she doesn’t love to flaunt this beyond romantic relationship every once in a while. Design a rather flattering gift hamper for her with jar cakes and bouquets and get it delivered to her office. Just as she opens her fairy present and everyone gazes at her with jealousy, in no time you will be in her absolute good books.

We are not saying it takes nothing to impress a woman, but when done right a little beyond the bare minimum can also yield wonderful outcomes. Today we are shining light upon a few select gift items for ladies to impress them and express your feelings to them. If you love this woman, no amount of hard work put in to find the perfect gift will go in vain. Keep it honest and leave the rest to her godly self.

Rajesh Saini

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