Five things which make IIT Mumbai better that IIT Delhi


Five things which make IIT Mumbai better that IIT Delhi

IITs have a reputation associated with them that makes them the best option for students who want to pursue BTech, MTech, MBA, MA and other courses. In India, if a candidate has completed his graduation or post-graduation from an IIT institute.

He or she holds a higher position over the candidates from other institutes with similar scores. Both IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay hold that special place but there are some reasons suggesting that IIT Bombay is better, like:

IIT Mumbai better that IIT Delhi
  1. Rankings-According to the Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa Rankings (BRICS), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay takes the 8th spot while Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is on the 18th spot. The QS World University Ranking System 2018 also puts IIT Bombay ahead of IIT Delhi at 162 to Delhi’s 172 in its university ranking list. Though, its subject ranking list has both the institutes in the 51-100 window. In the previous years as well, IIT Bombay has maintained a better rank than IIT Delhi. When it comes to Indian rankings, IIT Bombay holds the top spot while IIT Delhi is at rank 4.
  2. Placements-IIT Bombay has a better reputation when it comes to placements. Over the years, it has maintained a higher number as compared to Delhi’s IIT. In 2018, the Bombay branch got 1,122 offers in total from different companies while the Delhi branch had 900 job offers. This shows that a higher number of companies approach the Bombay campus which further means that a greater number of students have job opportunities when graduating. Also, the highest package for the Bombay branch has Rs.80 lakh per annum while the Delhi branch has seen a high of Rs.64 lakh per annum.
  3. CampusIndian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) has a larger campus area as compared to the Delhi branch. There is more greenery and space for extracurricular activities. IIT Delhi stands at a campus area 325 acres, the Bombay campus is 550 acres which is quite a lot bigger.
  4. Faculty and students-There are 925 faculty members in the Bombay branch out of which 904 are domestic and 21 are international staff members. On the other hand, the Delhi branch has 545 faculty members out of which 537 are domestic and 8 are international staff members. The total number of students in IIT Bombay is more than 9600 out of which around 90 are international students while in Delhi, the number is just under 7800.
  5. Departments-There are a few departments that are present in the Bombay campus that the Delhi campus does not offer. These mainly include Aerospace Engineering and Earth Sciences. The demand for Aerospace Engineering courses has been increasing in India and not many institutes offer this course. Earth Science students have plenty of job prospects and it involves exploring the mysteries of the Earth.

While both  IIT Delhi  and IIT Bombay are highly renowned institutes, IIT Bombay has a few prospects that make it more appealing to candidates. It is a great place to study both in terms of academics and extracurricular activities.

Rajesh Saini

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