How to increase Productivity through social media Apps?


When we think about social media, things which come to mind are chatting, group chatting, selfies, photo sharing and others things alike. Social media is very prodigious for non-professionals as well as for professionals. However, an infinite number of apps is available which could help you out to promote or maintain your brand on digital media, you can even get help from people who can guide you to get more things done within no time and let you stay organized on social networking platforms. If you really want to increase the productivity through social media apps, the following are apps which can be very effective and enable you to enhance your business.

  1. Planoly:

“It is basically devising and scheduling app, it empowers you to manage visual feed more accurately. It empowers you to plan your entire feed or do brainstorming on it in a week or even before a month in advance and utilize less time on it. The software permits you to have a preview in order to know how they will look on Instagram and scheduling them for publishing on the particular time of period. It will also give you a reminder about time to post.”  Spiegelaere CEO of MangoMatters.

  1. IFTTT:

It is kind of website and the application which has the big numbers of easy and ordinary automation recopies which keep together your apps and streamline similar actions. Let’s suppose, auto-share your new blog post on WordPress to Facebook or while sharing famous NYT posts with your followers on LinkedIn and others alike. The automation is known as applets and is able to save your plenty of time each day.” Chris Newton, CEO of Cloud Load.

  1. Over:

“It is one of the most famous and popular apps which is perfect for you to create attractive text, images in order to monitor the influence of social media platforms. You are free to upload your photos or you can buy great stock photos through its collection, you can use plenty of free fonts and match colors easily with the help of color sampler tool. You can also make great visual takes less than 20 minutes and you will not be prodigious having the functionality of using Photoshop.” Anita Khurana, CEO of Vision Tech Camps

  1. Facebook Pages Manager:

“It manages far more than only on a Facebook page and empowers you to respond all of the comments are possible. It enables you to arrange all the categories in advance, get access to the Facebook insight and view all the engagement levels, growth, and access. If you realized that, it is not enough then you are free to make posts which are able to boost up the target straight through the application.” Bassel Ghaddar, CEO of Majestic Glass.

  1. Pocket:

“You will be able to save all types of content even if you are offline for the sake read later. Let’s suppose you are creating content for your brand or blog, you will be able to organize all of your posts in an individual collection and arrange them easily when you got free time. The outstanding app enables you to keep an eye on the industry buzz on your rules and regulations.” Clayton Cross, CEO of Predikkta.

  1. Spoiler Block Pro:

The application is the best tool for you to filter the instant messaging apps feed and allow you to block the certain content which actually based on keywords you have added. The feeds are usually available at Top trendy instant messengers. If you are tired of getting unimportant updates and you just pay your attention to your focus razor sharp or what is most important for you at the moment.

Why is Social Media Monitoring Software Necessary?

Social media is the biggest platforms for creating brands and communicating with the customers online. The most important thing to know that, business enterprises use social networks for internal communication. These business tools help out business owners to align corporate goals and how bosses can deal with the lazy employees and their streamline operations. This sort of expertise is popular in plenty of large U.S companies and other tech-savvy business but at the same time, small companies are still looking forward yet to catch on.

Most of the business organizations are using social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other internal networks i.e Microsoft Communicator and Central Desktop.   These kinds of tools help out employees and employers within a company to foster cooperation within the inter-departmental groups. Having these types of outstanding efforts really make a difference to compete with the heavy competitors. Infinite numbers of employees are used to of using web-based applications as their primary source of communication, and the older colleagues become updated. Business companies are competing with each other on social media platforms; in the contemporary world, there is dire need to socialize your brand at any cost.

Once you have promoted your brand or product on digital media platforms then you will have to keep an eye on the feedback you have received from your target audience. Therefore, you have to keep looking forward on each and every single feed posted by the user. Ultimately, you have to differentiate among your appreciators and those who went against your advertising. Then you have all upper mentioned tools to utilize and to increase the productivity of your business to the fullest.

All you need to know that it is extremely necessary to monitor social media as much as you can, for multiple reasons.  In digital media, you have to respond back to any mentions rapidly, so there is always a dire need to monitor your particular brand. In most of the cases people use your social tag in the post, it still happening and they may write the name of the brand in updates until and unless your search for it, it would not raise up in your mentions. If you are listening to your brand mentions frequently and on the regular basis and respond they back, then it helps you to manage the reputation of your brand. It also helps you out to find engagement and as well as leads for your particular business. Social listening also allows you to learn a lot about your audience, you can learn from demographics occupations, hobbies, and passions. It also helps you out to stay on the top of trends and finally, you are able to maintain the popularity of your brand.


Social Media monitoring apps are the best tools for any business, it empowers you to increase the productivity of your business no time ever before.

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