How to Navigate Instagram’s Algorithm As a Small Business

Instagram for Small Businesses
Instagram for Small Businesses

Social media is constantly redeveloping and updating. There seems to be a new app launching every other day or a new feature to get to grips with. Instagram is one platform that has completely restructured; it has moved away from a chronological feed and is adding lots of new features. As a small business, social media can be an extremely important way to promote your brand. Instagram has power, and when used correctly, you will have no problems with engagement.


Why is Instagram Important for Small Businesses

Instagram is a predominantly visual app, and when used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial. It is a fantastic marketing tool that can help small businesses expand their presence and visibility on the internet. It is the best place to raise brand awareness and get your organization out there. Not only this, you can actually make money from Instagram with its new shop-tab section of the platform. Instagram also allows small businesses to promote their wares through shoppable posts, where you can tag items in photos with links to websites.


Protecting Your Brand Online

Yet, to get the most value from the app, it is necessary to understand how to navigate the new algorithm and protect your business online. The influx of new apps and social media data means that data breaches are far too common. There is a chance that your account could be hacked without the right protection. To avoid this issue, it is essential to reach out to professionals for IT services and security. With help, you will ensure that your data is safe and secure when using social media.


New Features and Algorithm


On Instagram, your feed is not only based on people you follow but is also based on the accounts you are interested in. The more you ‘like’ a certain type of post, the higher it will rise in your feed. This means you have to consistently show up on Instagram, which takes a lot of time and work. By creating a variety of post types, from reels to stories and shoppable posts. The more you post, the more signals you will send to the algorithm, thus giving your audience more chances to interact with your content.


Focus on Engagement


Engagement is key. This means the more people that like, share, save, and comment on your content, the higher it will rise. Strategic planning around thebest times of day to post and the frequency you post will help you with this. The more time you spend on Instagram, the more content will appear for you, so it is worth carving out a chunk of your business plan to dedicate time to social media strategies. Finally, Instagram stories hone in on your timeline. So, if someone regularly engages with your account, your story will move higher on their timeline. This is important to take into account as it is a reminder to constantly post on IG stories. Overall, fine-tuning your social media strategy will benefit your small business.

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