Is Your Application For Visitor Visa 600 For Australia Cancelled? Here’s What You Can Do

Visitor Visa 600
Visitor Visa 600

You are pretty excited as you have planned to visit the beautiful country of Australia. You also spend a lot of money and time getting organized and currently waiting for your Visitor Visa 600. But out of nowhere, you receive the news that your visa got refused. 

This will surely raise many questions within you, and you will become pretty curious to find out what exactly went wrong. The Visitor Visa 600 getting refused is not as rare as it has happened to many individuals in the past. You can learn the actual reason behind the tourist visa subclass 600 refusals through this particular article. 

Reasons Why The Tourist Visa 600 Gets Rejected

There are some reasons why the Visitor Visa Australia gets refused by the Australian Government. To know what these reasons are, please check the information below. 

    • When you apply for the wrong visa, 

    • You do not have many funds.

    • You fail to provide all the relevant and essential documents. 

    • There are some inconsistencies with the visa application.

    • You might have been refused an Australian visa before, or you did not meet all the conditions of the preceding Australian visa. 

    • Providing misleading and false documents. 

    • Not summitting the character necessities. 

    • Failing to submit all the health requirements.

What To Do When The Australian Visitor Visa Gets Refused?

If you ever fall in a situation where your Visa Subclass 600 is not approved or gets rejected, you will receive written advice. Apart from that, you will also receive a letter stating whether or not you want the issue to be reviewed. When you receive the option for an appeal or a review, you must act immediately for the Visitor Visa 600 because there are strict guidelines that apply. 

Apart from that, you must first find out why exactly your visa was rejected or refused. You need to check whether or not you applied for the correct visa and whether you provided the correct documents. Doing some checking will give you the chance to learn the main reason behind your visa refusal. Once you find out what caused the problem, you can take the next step. 

For such situations, it will be much better to consult such matters with the Migration Consultant Perth because they are experts in these areas. They will tell you which step to take a right before you apply for the visa once again. Taking their suggestions will surely help you when you re-apply for the visitor’s visa. 

Type Of Streams Available

When it comes to Tourist visas, you will come across several types of them available. Below listed are some of the tourist visas, which you can apply for. Take a look!

    1. The Tourist Stream: You can apply for it either outside or inside Australia for this particular stream. But when you are applying for the stream within the country, you need to lodge a visitor visa application. You will surely not want the 8503 No Further Stay Condition used for your visa grant. The processing time of this visa can take from 1 to 3 months.  

    2. Perpetual Traveller Stream: If you are an individual from China and travels habitually to Australia for personal or business reasons, the frequent traveller stream will be the right choice. The visa will be valid for up to 10 years, and you will get the chance to stay up to 3 months each time you visit Australia. 

    3. Certified Destination Status Stream: This stream is ideal for all those travelling to Australia in a group to stay for a short time. You can ask your travel agent to help you out with this stream, and they will take the responsibility to apply it on your behalf. You will further assistance for this particular stream from your travel agent. 

    4. Sponsored Family Stream: The sponsored family stream is for those individuals who have a relative or family member living in Australia. That individual should be 18 years or older and should also be an Australian citizen. Standard processing time for this type of visa can take over 4 months. But on certain occasions, it might take 1 month. 

    5. Business Visitor Stream: The Business Visitor Visa will be ideal for you if you plan to visit Australia for business-related purposes for a short time. The standard process of this particular visa will take a bit less time when compared with the other visitor visa streams. But to apply for this visa, you need to provide some evidence: an invitation from a hosting fellowship, a letter from an employer that states why you are visiting Australia, information on conference registration, etc.

How To Apply For The Tourist Visa 600?

Applying for the Tourist visa Subclass 600 is not that difficult. You can use the Immi Account, an online portal through which you can easily apply for a visa. You can fill up the application by providing all the correct information about your personal life and various other things. Make sure to check the information adequately right before you submit it. Even the slightest spelling mistake can give birth to many issues, so check everything before submitting. 

On the other hand, provide all those documents that are necessary. Check to see the type of documents you need to give and prepare everything according. Go through each of the documents one last time before submitting them. Make sure to apply for the visa at least 1-2 months before. Also, the price of the Subclass 600 visitor visa ranges from AUD145 to AUD1065. 

Also, if you are experiencing some problems when applying, speak with the Migration Agent Perth as they can help you out with this situation. They have years of experience in such areas and will surely help you out no matter how complicated the situation.

Last Words

Getting your visitor visa refused can be pretty devastating for you as you were looking forward to visiting the beautiful nation of Australia. So, if you did get your visa refused, make sure to opt for professional help to apply for the visa again correctly.

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