John Kang WebMD Specialist – Why Is Thermal Paste Needed in Laptops and How Liquidmetal Helps


Liquidmetal is popular in the technology and manufacturing industries. Apple has recently displayed keen interest to but some patents of Liquidmetal technologies. The Company has used Liquidmetal in many of its smartphones and their accessories. Liquidmetal is a great alternative to conventional plastic and alloy. Premium watch Company Swatch is using Liquidmetal in many of its products. NASA too used Liquidmetal in several projects that involved solar panels. Besides being present in the above industries, Liquidmetal is commonly used as a cooling agent in laptops. Makers of games and content are using it as a thermal paste in their devices and are happy with the results it is giving them.

John Kang WebMD Specialist- Liquidmetal and its functions as a thermal paste

John Kang is an esteemed businessman in the medical industry in the USA. He is respected and known for his invaluable knowledge of Liquidmetal technologies. He has been researching on Liquidmetal since 2005 and says that Liquidmetal is popular for its durability, strength, and ability to withstand corrosion. The John Kang WebMD team says that today many technical professionals are using Liquidmetal as a thermal paste. It is a primary cooling agent that works well in laptops and other electronic devices against the transfer of heat. However, he says that if you want Liquidmetal to work effectively, it is important for you to apply it correctly. Some manufacturers often compromise on the use of thermal paste in order to save money. This is not good for the electronic device as the thermal paste should be ideal for its use and applied correctly to function to an optimal level.

Why is thermal paste needed in laptops?

Tech individuals often open their devices and remove the thermal paste inside carefully. Once they remove this thermal paste, they reapply the paste of their choice for better performance and temperature control. The John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts say one of the widely preferred thermal paste for laptops and electronic devices is gallium. However, Liquidmetal has a longer life span and simple to apply. Moreover, it improves the performance of the laptop or computer that is being used.

The role of Liquidmetal in the future

In the future, Liquidmetal will replace plastic materials in several forms. Apple has tested the viability of Liquidmetal and has used it in many of its products and devices. The Company has chosen Liquidmetal to make covers for smartphones that are resistant to scratches. The use of Liquidmetal is better than the current materials that Apple has been using for making smartphone covers. More and more industries are now waking up to the benefits of Liquidmetal and the ease of its application.

The John Kang WebMD expert says that Liquidmetal is here to stay for the future. Besides technology and manufacturing, it is widely used in the field of aerospace, surgical implants, and the premium watch industry. Liquidmetal is one of the most popular forms of amorphous metals known for its strength and versatility in the market!

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