5 Rules to Become your Fittest Self- Karan “KO” Oberoi

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A healthy and fit person is bound to live life to the fullest, without any major medical or physical issues. Being healthy is not only related to the physical well-being of a person, but it also involves the mental stability or the internal peace of a person. India’s Top male model Karan Oberoi also known by his initials KO, who is also a fitness model, with a major fan base on Instagram, shares five rules that every human should remember to look pro-fit all year round.

5 Rules To Look Pro-Fit All Year Around By India’s Leading Model KARAN OBEROI (KO)

RULE 1:  Generally, a healthy diet consists of taking proper and healthy wholesome food which includes eating green and fresh vegetables, fruits, having milk, eggs, minerals, proteins, and vitamins essential for a human’s lifestyle. Karan believes we all need to fall in love with green vegetables and fruits to get that unconditional love back from them that not just helps to look pro-fit but also significantly changes the appearance of a person too which comes inside out.

RULE 2:  Practicing Yoga or playing any sort of sports including regular exercises in your daily routine also helps you maintain your desired fitness, blood sugar, and immunity level. KO believes in playing some sort of sports every day is the best physical activity that one can do, one can enjoy at the same time it helps in burning a lot of calories.

RULE 3:  Protecting your body from the intake of harmful substances such as cigarette smoking and consuming alcohol on a day to day bases can hamper your sleep as well as mental strength and ruin your overall personality. So rather it’s important doing regular exercise, having proper food and sleep are some of the important instances that define a healthy lifestyle. Being fit allows us to perform our activities without being lethargic, restless or tired.

RULE 4: Each individual should take care of one’s health on a priority, this habit can only be cultivated by regular practice and giving the command to mind that “health is wealth“ and instructing mind that my physical well being is so important that it comes before than anything else. No single day should be skipped for making efforts on maintaining physical and mental fitness.

RULE 5: One should also spend time outdoors in the sun, inhaling fresh air because the majority of people these days have forgotten to enjoy a day out rather than spending the whole time inside air-conditioned rooms. Spending some time in green lawns under the sun also contributes to looking pro fit.

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