Making a New Employee Feel at Home

New Employee Feel

It can be daunting for a new employee in the first few weeks of work, and it is important to make them feel integrated into the team and workplace as quickly as possible. Making a new employee feel at home helps to avoid failed probations, awkwardness in the team environment, and a slowdown in productivity. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make the new guy in the office feel a part of the team within days.

Give them a project

A great way to make a new starter feel included right away is to let them hit the ground running. A method to do this is to give them a project to start on immediately. It could be an ongoing project that is already underway, and they are being invited into the project team to fulfill a specific role, or it could be a completely new project that they can be creative with. This activity provides instant opportunities to meet new colleagues and managers around the company learn the policies and functions of the business, and the preferred ways to communicate. Within a week, they may feel very comfortable in their new environment.

Pairing Up

Another way to make sure that a new starter does not feel alienated is to pair them up in their first week with a trusted and experienced team member. While making sure you are not going to create hold-ups or unnecessary stress for the existing team member, arranging a time for the two employees to spend time together can help in different ways. The employee will get to know the culture and personal characters of their team members, as well as learn how others carry out similar work and the processes and communication styles that are expected by the company. It also shows the existing employee that their experience and thoughts are valued, providing a retention benefit there as well. 

Learning and Social Platforms

Offering new employees the opportunity to learn about the company’s needs and expectations through a tailored learning platform can be hugely beneficial. They can already feel that they are benefiting from their employment in the business through self-development and can also be kept busy in the first days while work may be slower for them to access. Companies such as offer a custom platform where employers can catalog content that is written by them or suits their ethos and provide it directly to individual workers. The online platform also offers networking benefits so that the employee can discuss topics with other existing employees and ease the onboarding nerves.

Meet and Greets

The worst thing for a new starter is to be sat without anything in their diary in the first days of their new role. It is extremely important to arrange meetings with key partners, staff members, and other important stakeholders for new employees. It is key to have these set up before their arrival so that they have a full schedule as soon as they start. This will make them feel much more engaged and will mean that they understand their role, the business, and the work much more quickly.

Often, new starters can be overlooked in the first few weeks of employment, but this is one of the most important times to engage with them and keep their interest in the company at a strong level.

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