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Here are the 4 Super Fabulous Ways to Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Mobile Apps

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It may look vague if you are not up to the trend when you are the owner of an app-driven business. You should create trends leveraging what is trending. Undoubtedly the most trending technology in the business world today is artificial intelligence (AI). From the Russian President Putin to the Tesla owner Elon Musk, everybody is talking about it.

In fact, the Indian IT Minister Ravishankar Prasad recently held a meeting with the captains of the Indian tech sector and many other global dignities in the same field to discuss the viability of the future technologies like AI, big data analytics and Blockchain and to empower the digital economy of the country by harnessing the same.

As I heard and as our CEO quoted a few days back about the trending technology AI, AI is expected to become the technology of the coming decades, surpassing the mobile-first trend. In fact, it will add a boost to the mobile experiences what we are enjoying today. By the same time, it has been an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to leverage artificial intelligence to take mobile experience to the next level.

Some companies are already considering AI as an integral part of their every mobile initiative. It sounds extremely good. So there is a great demand for the best AI development company or mobile app development company that works on AI. If you’re looking to build mobile-based AI solution, here I will give ideas on in which areas of mobile you can leverage AI to enrich customer experience and improve productivity.

How You can Use AI in Mobile Apps?

  1. Automated Reasoning – Uber

Being powered by artificial intelligence, The Uber Driver App understands the address inputted and automatically provides drivers with the best route, depending on traffic congestion and other climatic conditions. So customers can reach faster than they expect. The app does this using an algorithm that consumes the data of other drivers who have come across the same route.

  1. Purchase Predictions – Amazon

Online retailers have an upper hand in benefitting from artificial intelligence. They leverage AI to accurately predict the purchase behaviours of users. The technology called Anticipatory Shipping by Amazon recommends you items before you decide to purchase. For example, with access to the customers’ purchase history, the same algorithm can recommend toothpaste and other household items that are about to run out. Below are some other similar AI-powered mobile technologies that help businesses renovate the customer experience.

Other AI-powered Mobile Technologies

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots’ era has already started. When the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in April 2016 at Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference that businesses are now able to use chatbots to deliver automated customer support via ‘Facebook Messenger’. This announcement created a new wave in the business sector, especially in the marketing area. As a result of that, today we can see hundreds of chatbots deployed by their owners on Messenger and other platforms. Chatbots communicate with people to understand their queries regarding the products or services and listen to their grievance and give solutions on the same platform.

Why chatbots stay unique is their ability to connect with multiple people at the same, so it can interact quickly, can do a quick research and put a smile on the customers’ face with its ability to bring humour to its conversation. The same chatbot can be deployed on Slack and Telegram platforms after making them compatible to that platforms.

  1. Business Assistants

You know about Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. All work in the same manner. The same way every business assistant (also called virtual assistant bot) works, but it works in the business environment, with employees. Employees can use business assistants to get information about their documents, the company’s information i. e. to know about the departments and connect with various people across the enterprise, and schedule meeting and to get reminded about the same.

The Bottom Line

AI is already a buzz word. Every service provider, including mobile app development companies, game development companies, and other technology companies are adding chatbot development and other AI-powered services to their service portfolio to leverage trends. On the other hand, businesses are increasingly ardent to avail their services to achieve a competitive advantage.

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