What are the most Essential features for an On-demand doctor App Development


The days are gone where one has to rush to the hospitals, in situations for minor medical conditions. It takes only a few minutes to reach the doctor using an On-demand doctor app development platform. This approach is sensational and creating a round of buzz among the doctors and clinicians. The increasing numbers of healthcare providers are seeking for premium quality on-demand apps.

The on-demand doctor app development not only takes a lot of effort but it involves a big chunk of the amount to develop a custom app. The healthcare provider must calculate and have a speculation of the cost for development of ion demand app.

What is the function of on-demand healthcare app? 

On-demand doctors’ app empowers the patients to consult the certified doctor for primary care via online video conferencing. The users can use this app over mobile devices, laptops from the comfort of their home without the need to visit the hospital. The on-demand application empowers face to face video call with the doctor and discusses the details with the doctor.

In the upcoming future, the popularity of healthcare applications is only going to ascend. Before discussing further for the cost, we must appraise the requisite components in an on-demand doctors application. The company needs distinctive features that make the app make a stand-alone impact in the market.

Some indispensable features to be included in an on-demand healthcare application

There are an umpteen number of healthcare applications in the market and, It is compulsory for the healthcare providers to build a premium quality app. The main focus must be on the backend development for assessing the scope of the app in the market. Let’s have a look at a few crucial elements.

Reservation and cancellation of appointment: The applications are adorned with the features that enable the patient to book an appointment for a consultation. The app has in-built Gps tracking feature that notifies the patient of the doctors nearby. The developers can add-on feature which display the calendar services. This will provide the information on the doctor’s availability and facilitate patients to book as per their requirement.

Cloud-based patient health information: The patient health records and information can be shared with the use of electronic health records (EHR) services. It provides doctors with a medical history and health documents of patients. The cloud-based telemedicine apps ensure security and storage of records.

Electronic Medical Records: The medical records of patients illustrate the workflow of the hospitals and clinics. To formulate this workflow the healthcare provider must provide all the necessary information and document to the developers to bring accurate workflow. The cost of the module depends on the activity and time of the procedures.

Medical mechanism: This also constitute in the Electronic medical records module. The actual procedure consists of tracking of medications, medical procedures and of more than 2-3 weeks of work.

Patient and medical practitioner interaction: The patients can get in touch with the doctors with the availability of the chat bots in the medical app.  The app notifies the patients, with the updates and information. It empowers the doctors to connect the patients over the live video call. The real-time video conferencing is effective and efficient for diagnosis.

The on-demand doctor’s software has feature execution of appointments, weekly schedules, communication with patients. It takes at least duration of months to include all the elements in the app.

Online reimbursement:  The on-demand app is used to make a video call with doctors for online consultations; the reimbursement for the service is done using an online payment gateway. The patients are able to pay using several methods such as e-wallets, net banking, using debit or credit cards. The online payments on the apps must be at swift and secure and easy to use. The healthcare providers demand to deliver a seamless experience to its users along with the record of the past payments.

Doctors’ specifications and Administration of work:  This is a significant feature of doctors’ on demand app. It comprises of the information such as name, picture, address, contact number, email and area of specialization of the doctor. The patients can gain more information on the doctors via the portal. The medical practitioners such as doctors, clinicians can use this portal for confirmations and cancellations of the appointments.

Online prescriptions: On-demand apps are utilized to generate e-prescriptions for patients. It can be used by doctors to prescribe for common diseases such as flu, cold, fevers, along with the live video consultation and handling emergency situations.

The most difficult part for the developers in constructing of on-demand doctor app is the implementation of medical standards.

Wrapping-up: In the upcoming future, demand for on-demand app is going to ascend. The cost of the development of apps depends on the layers of apps and as per the requirements of the healthcare provider.

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