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Most Efficient Tools To Embed Facebook Album On The Website

Facebook Album
Facebook Album

Over the years, Facebook album has emerged as a platform where apart from making connections and friends, people share their thoughts, feelings, and document their experiences faced with brands and businesses.

While Facebook offers many features to its users, it also allows the users to create an album to keep a collection of photos on the same platform without losing it.

Often brands create Facebook albums for saving the collection of posts created by their users. Moreover, with over 2.6 billion monthly active users, the social media can become a hub of visuals, and showcasing these visuals marketing touchpoints can do wonders for your social presence!

Embedding a Facebook album further on your brand website can fetch you your desired results and more!

Are you wondering how? Continue reading this post as we have mentioned the best tools that can be used to embed Facebook album on websites.

However, we would like to highlight a few benefits of adopting this strategy!

Benefits Of Embedding A Facebook Album On Your Website

●      Enhances Customer Engagement

Visuals have the ability to keep website visitors engaged for a longer period of time as compared to texts. They garner much more attention and keep the visitors hooked to the website which increases their dwell time and decreases the bounce rate of the website.

Keeping the website visitors engaged on the website is a crucial task as it reflects how likely they are to explore your website more and to take an action.

●      Increase The Vibrancy Of The Website

Apart from having a user-friendly interface, it is equally important for the website to have attractive aesthetics. The Facebook album is a collection of different, vibrant posts, and further embedding them on the website can instantly uplift its overall look.

This gives your website visitors a reason to prolong their stay on the website and explore it more.

Additionally, if the users are impressed with your combined collection of photos, there is a high chance that they might redirect to your Facebook handle and start following your page.

●      Increase Conversions & Sales

Conversions and sales play a major role in determining the success of your brand.

Once your website visitors are engaged enough, there is a high chance that they might be compelled to try out your products.

Moreover, trust plays a major role in converting potential customers into existing customers. Embedding a Facebook album showing relevant visuals would help a great deal in doing the needful as the visitors would see your brand in a different light which in return would lead to an increase in conversions and sales.

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Album On Website

●      Tag box Widget

Tag box widget is a brilliant social media aggregator that lets its users create, curate, and embed content from various social media platforms and present it in a collective way.

Users of the platform can make the Facebook album widget more impactful by using a variety of features offered.

Users can customize the widget as per their preference. They can select from a variety of layouts, templates, fonts, colors, and other branding options. Using the advanced moderation panel, users can remove any unwanted content.

Furthermore, the users can analyze the performance of the widget and get an insight into crucial details that can help them in determining if the strategy worked or not.

Don’t worry if you face hindrances or issues while using the platform, as the back support team would assist you as and when needed.

●      Snap Widget

Another responsive and user-friendly platform for embedding social media posts and images on the website is Snap Widget. After aggregating the content, users can choose from a variety of styles to further customize the look of the widget and to make it more appealing and attractive.

You can be completely sure about the look of the widget as you can preview the widget before finally publishing it. For leveraging more features like Custom CSS, analytics, and more, you need to upgrade to the pro version of the platform.

●      Tagembed

Tagembed is another social media aggregation tool that allows users to display content from social media on the website.

Once the content is aggregated, the users can leverage the various features of the platform to increase the efficiency of the widget.

The platform offers various customization options, an advanced content moderation panel with a profanity filter, advanced analytics, and a robust team for assisting customers with their issues or queries.

Closing Note

Displaying Facebook Albums on the website is an amazing strategy that needs to be adopted by brands/businesses to reap maximum benefits.

If you are looking for ways to get more traffic on your website and for increasing your followers on Facebook, then this strategy is not to be missed.

You need not find the tools to do the needful as we have already provided you with the best options in this post. All you need to do is choose the one that suits you best and start with the process right away!

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