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Most popular way to find a roommate in chandigarh

roommate in chandigarh
roommate in chandigarh

A roommate can be two things, your best buddy or a human form of headache. Finding a roommate is much like finding your spouse. So while, bharatmatrimony and the likes mediate marriages, what if you can also find your 3.00 am friend, your Netflix-and-chill -kinda-mate, your dinner buddy and your drinking partner. Only a few marriages in this world are purer than that between two roommates. In fact, this is the kind of open relationship everyone yearns, looks and hopes for.. stay together, share expenses, take responsibility, sleep around and then come back home. On the other hand, the arguments, drama and the slandering between roommates are worse. It’s like an actual divorce sans the alimony. 

roommate in chandigarh

In Science and in Philosophy, there is a phenomenon called ‘The Keystone Hypothesis’, wherein a tiny little entity can cause a massive difference. It’s called the keystone. It doesn’t have to be huge in quantity or size. That tiny ant which makes your life difficult, that text which makes you small. It’s the small things, the keystones that make a huge difference. Your roommates are those keystones. An 18 year is prone to bad company and vices, and if you have a roommate who does all that, you’re doomed. 

“Do not be deceived: bad company corrupts good morals.”

 _ so says the Holy Bible. Just imagine the amount of difference that one rotten apple can cause. You need to find your kind, your tribe. As they say, in travel, companion and in life, compassion. 

“Choose with whom to be accompanied it’s your free choice, choose with whom not to be accompanied it’s your right.” 

Needless to say, you gotta find the yin to your yang. Unfortunately, not all of us have those fun stories or those precious memories. I for a fact had a horrible roommate back in my college days. So there was this freakingly religious, teetotaller nerd who I was made to share my room with. Those curly hair, thick black glasses and 24*7 books in his hands and his eyes glued to those books prevented me from listening to music or have my friends come over to my place. The resentment and bitterness showed on both our faces. It stands to reason that we had tiffs pretty often and resolving those petty quarrels was harder because of our contrasting personalities and the lack of willingness to budge. It didn’t end too well. We shifted to our separate rooms and never spoke to each other. In fact, we bitched about each other all the time. A silver lining to the cloud and my nerdy roommate was the profound understanding that some people are just not right for us. Sometimes, the puzzle pieces don’t fit, because they aren’t meant to.

roommate in chandigarh

When I moved to a new room, I realised I was at peace but I was also lonely. I could wear whatever, dirty the place as much as I wanted to and my music could be deafening but I had no one to talk to, I had no one to share a meal with and there was no one I could watch a movie with. And then, there was this ‘Eureka Moment’.. ‘I need to find a roommate’, *conditions apply*

I knew what kind of an individual I exactly wanted.. I can’t begin to express what finding ‘The One’ took and how it felt when I actually found one.. I felt like Ted Mosby would have felt when he found the mother (Refer to How I Met Your Mother) and how Edison must have felt when the bulb finally lit up.  But as they say, the road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called ‘Confusion’ and several obstacles with garnishing of some crashes here and there. I remember sitting behind the broker’s two-wheeler and looking at different 2 BHKS, 1 BHKS and paying guest rooms. Juggling between jobs and moving from one place to another,I stayed with a few more people overdue course.. Some clicked and some didn’t..I made some friends and I learnt some lessons.. Nevertheless, the turning point was when I realised that I wasn’t alone. 

Current education and work-life scenario require almost everyone to stay outside of hometown and move often. So ‘finding a roommate woe’ was not the only mine. A lot of my friends had similar tales to tell. I’m sure you’ve had some uncomfortable roommates as well. 

So here is your chance to forego that ‘broker’s sweat-ride’ on a two-wheeler and those uncomfortable roommate stories. 

Check out the following scenario.

Rahul wants a place to live in Chandigarh but Rahul cannot afford to pay the rent of a posh 2bhk alone. Rahul can now filter according to location, rent, amenities by just downloading an app on his android device. Rahul is elated because he gets to choose his roommate. He is looking for an easygoing, not-so-nerdy and yet not a hooligan either. Rahul has this friend helping him through this. Rahul is smart. Would you like to be like Rahul and download the perfect home and a compatible human being? 

Meet, Rahul’s ultimate saviour. If you can practically download your midnight cravings from Zomato and satisfy the shopaholic in you from Myntra and Zara, and if people can find their soulmates with the help of artificial intelligence, you would definitely be up for finding their roommates online. 

You can find that next home and a friend..or many friends. Roombuddy is all set to start operations in the electricity soon. If you want to get rid of the hassle of finding a place and finding a roommate, you’re at the right place. All you have to do is sign up for early access and we will notify you as soon as we get going. We’ll make sure you only make pleasant memories. 

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