Why we Take Motor Car Insurance

car insurance
Insurance gives financial protection for your car

Many people have doubts about the insurance, it is fake or good. We are paying a certain amount every year for taking insurance coverage and we think that we don’t get any benefit from the insurance company.

Insurance is actually a safety precaution for future accidents, we all don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow so it is just a precaution before anything happens.

We all know that when an accident happens and after some procedures, we got the insurance claim amount.

If no any accident happens we think it is not necessary to take insurance for our vehicle, it is actually false thinking because we don’t know that taking insurance is for what.

Most of the people taking insurance because it is a legal requirement, the government is strictly said that insurance is mandatory for every vehicle.

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Clash of Cars  Motor Car Insurance

The clash of two cars in road must need coverage for damage

Car insurance provides financial protection for our vehicle when any type of accidents or damages happen.

The motor insurance cover not only the vehicle, the insurance covers passengers, drivers, and the pedestrians also.

If you are punished by law because of not take any insurance, the punishment is unpredictable.

The punishment is based on the level of damage and expiry of the last taken insurance.

Uninsurance of a motor vehicle is a high offense so it is better to take insurance than getting into jail.

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The insurance for the vehicle is in different types they are,

Third-Party Insurance

The third-party insurance is actually taken for the safety of another person in the car or pedestrians. The third-party insurance did not cover our property and our injuries, it is mainly for protecting the third person. injury to the people is covered by third party insurance.

Standard Insurance

The standard insurance covers both persons inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle. In this coverage, it does not consider the financial coverage for the vehicle.

Full cover Insurance

The full cover insurance contains both parties and it covers the vehicles and the peoples inside and outside the vehicle. The fiber parts of the vehicle only get the least percentage of the amount in full coverage insurance. The full coverage insurance also includes coverage for theft and fire of vehicles.

Bumper to Bumper Insurance

The bumper to bumper insurance provides all type of financial protection for the customer or the person. It covers human injuries, damages for the vehicle etc. In bumper to bumper insurance, if the accidental car is totally damaged you may get a new vehicle. It is the only motor insurance that covers all the things of the vehicle.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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