How to Optimize the Blog Content for SEO

Optimize the Blog Content for SEO

High-quality blog content is a bonus to SEO, the closer your content to the users, the more opportunities your website rank higher in the search results.

It has been proven and also statistics show websites who use high-quality blog have always the better chances to rank on the search engine result page, because Google gives a lot of attention to the content, as the “content is the king”.

Let’s see the main contributors to improve the SEO content.

  • Choose the right keywords

Keywords affect the search results to some extent. You need to do a keyword research before editing your blog, which will help you choose the right ones and contribute to SEO.

You could visit the social media platforms to observe users’ search habit, use tools like Google Trends that could tell you which keywords are popular or SEMRush that makes you see your competitors’ keywords.

Additionally, it’s enough to use one or two keywords instead of too many. Or the search engine will consider the words stuffing.

Just try to select proper long-tail keywords as they comprise up to 70% of all search traffic and can unlock the door to successful SEO”.

After that, you should include the keywords at the right place such as title, headings, introductory sentence, concluding paragraph or Meta description. Make sure you insert the keywords naturally as reluctant use of them is very meaningless.

  • Create a proper meta description

A meta description is “an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines”.

It will help users to determine whether to click the link by getting to know the main content. Therefore, the meta description should contain the keywords and the essence of the high quality blog content.

As for the length of the meta description, Google shows up to 275 characters on the SERP. You need to keep your meta description tags within 275 characters and explore information as much as possible.

  • Use a clear URL structure

The reasonable URL structure will make the users clearly know the structure of your blog and the main content of your blog.

The URL of an article could include the name of your blog, the category that this article belongs to and the title of this article. For example, a link of this article could be http://insights.jumoreglobal/ecommercesolutions/ how to optimize the blog content for SEO.

If the users get this rule, they can search more content by category in your blog.

  • Sort out articles

Put articles with close relevancy into a special topic, users will find all of them in their search results. And they can view all of the related content in your blog at once.

That is, use the topic cluster model. You need to confirm the broad topics firstly, then produce content based on keywords related to that topic that all link to each other.

It will help more pages of your blog to be recorded by the search engine.

  • Insert links in blog content

Internal links could not only make the users keep on visiting your blog, but also show the validity and relevancy of your blog content to the search engine.

So when editing your blog content, try to link to other related articles. Additionally, you can also link to some influencers’ content as their content is trusted by the search engine.

In a word, it’s necessary to focus on the SEO-driven content, because content plays an important role in the success of SEO campaign, which will bring your blog a higher rank and get more traffic.

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