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How optimized landing pages can make a major difference to your business

optimized landing pages

If you have your own business, you will know the importance of local search presence on search engines like Google. This will help your business show up on top of any local search queries. It is going to increase your local search relevance.

When you have many business locations, it is crucial that you list every business location on your website. Having landing pages for all the business locations will do you good than you know. It will build your business’s local search relevance and also get you better rankings.

With the landing pages, you will increase your potential to outrank other local businesses who are giving you competition. Whether it is your landing page or the payment confirmation page, each and every page of your website must be optimized to make any process easy and smooth.

There are no hard and fast rules in online business, but here are some tips from PPC management services India on how to optimize your landing pages –

  • You must make sure that all your landing pages retain the same layout, user experience and design that matches any other page of your website. This will create a familiarity in the users and it will be easy to recognize your pages just by the layouts.
  • The navigation in both the header and footer region must be the similar so the users can easily navigate from and to other pages of the site.\
  • It is the time for mobile phones. Most of the people who access your pages will do it from their mobiles. Hence, landing page and all other pages must be mobile friendly. Your landing page must be mobile optimized.
  • One mistake that people do is stuff their landing pages with lots of keywords. This is a big mistake. You must not stuff keywords. Also avoid fluffed content in your landing pages.Avoid overlapping content that is repetitive. Use only unique and helpful content that will come in handy for the particular location.
  • Keyword targeting must be done for all page titles, Meta descriptions, whole content and images.
  • The landing page must contain details like a map embed, the nearest store of your business, address, business hours, contact and other important information. You can also add handy features like ‘get directions’.
  • The landing page must be interesting enough to grab the viewer’s attention and make them stay there. For this, you must include information such as – coming events of your business, sale offers if any and coupons.
  • This is the age of Videos, so you can also put in a video of the business location along with the pictures of your office space.
  • Nothing works as well as testimonials from pleased customers. So, do not forget to include testimonials and reviews from verified customers and media.
  • Social media is a bridge between you and your prospective customers. So, add social media profile buttons and social sharing buttons in the landing page to become famous instantly.
  • These are some ways in which you can optimize your store page and make it useful for your business.
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