6 tasks that businesses can easily outsource


Running a business sometimes feels like spinning plates. When you’re spending a large portion of your time on a set routine and everyday tasks, this can distract you from other matters like securing new customers and growing the business. Fortunately, there is a multitude of duties that a company can (and should) outsource, making day-to-day running far more efficient.

1 Accounting

Perhaps the most commonly outsourced task in the world, there’s no need to try and keep on top of accounting in-house. Most businesses (of all shapes and sizes) employ a third-party accountant to take care of their books and ensure that tax is paid correctly. An accountant will do more than just balance figures. They’ll keep you up to date with changing business rates, take care of VAT and make sure that you comply with all the latest financial regulations. Big and small businesses alike will benefit from hiring an external accounting team. Not only do accountants save time, but their specialist skills help you avoid any legal troubles.

2 IT Management

IT is another area that should be outsourced as a matter of course; very few business owners are IT experts, and many underestimate the scale of network maintenance. With cybersecurity a bigger concern than ever before, it’s vital to bring in a team of specialists to take care of your computer network. IT managers will ensure that you’re running all the latest software and security patches, protecting you and your sensitive data from harm. Better still, they’ll work to ensure maximum network efficiency and capability, speeding up day-to-day activities. Looking after an IT network yourself is difficult and time-consuming, so bringing in a third party is always a better option.

3 Recruitment

Recruitment is a lengthy and often convoluted process, but a business can streamline it by seeking HR guidance from specialist consultants. These firms will take care of the recruitment process from start to finish, screening candidates, running background checks, and even conducting interviews. Not only is this a time-saving method, but it guarantees a better caliber of recruits. HR firms know how to find and screen the best candidates, so they’ll be able to solve your recruitment problems in a timely fashion. This is especially important for growing businesses that need to recruit often but don’t always have the time to spare on a lengthy process. For particularly specialized positions there are now talent acquisition consultants who find the exact right person for roles that require rare expertise.

4 Day-to-day admin

Administrative tasks like replying to emails, monitoring social media, and placing orders might not be complex, but they are time-consuming. That’s where virtual assistants come in. These are fully remote, freelance staff who will take care of day-to-day administration, usually without charging too much. A virtual assistant has become an extremely popular career choice in recent times, not least because it allows people to work from home. Some virtual assistants even go thoroughly down the digital nomad route, traveling around the world as they work. None of this matters to businesses, of course, who simply benefit from having the burden of everyday administration lifted from their shoulders.

5 Customer service

Customer service is extremely important. Businesses that resolve problems and answer queries fast generally develop a better word of mouth reputation, attracting more custom. Rather than devoting your own staff to this, you can hire a virtual assistant (see the previous entry) or go one step further and outsource to a third-party call center. The latter is usually the best option because call centers are adept at handling any volume of calls, know how to resolve problems quickly, and are backed by a strong (not to mention secure) network infrastructure. Outsourcing to an external call center is cheaper than you think and will invariably make your customer service department run much more smoothly. That, of course, increases customer satisfaction.

6 Marketing

Marketing is a big area that encompasses everything from social media advertising to more traditional ventures like email and telephone campaigns. All of this can and should be outsourced. There are ample social media managers (both individual freelancers and larger scale companies) who will not just run your social media accounts but take them to the next level with increased engagement, more followers, and better organic reach. Specialist marketing companies will give you in-depth knowledge about PPC with Google, how to run an effective email campaign and even how to reach people on the street. Outsourcing marketing is about more than just saving time. It means securing expertise and making your campaigns as effective as they can be.

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