Ways to Boost Your Post-Pandemic Business Start-Up

Post Pandemic Business
Post Pandemic Business

Ever since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, vast swathes of the world’s population have found themselves questioning their lifestyles, relationships, and occupations. For many, the ‘Stay at Home’ orders and continuous lockdowns have highlighted their unhappiness, their distance from loved ones, and the fluctuations in the job market, and so they have taken this time to embark on new ventures and resign certain aspects of their lives to the past.

In many cases, this has predominantly consisted of people on furlough from their day-to-day jobs dedicating more time to their hobbies and, in a bid to top-up their monthly pay, deciding to find a way of marketing and selling these products. With an abundance of time and related skills, many of these smaller businesses – tapping into the dearth of high-street retail and people being stuck at home – have made a success of their small-time lockdown business, and have decided to not only continue post-pandemic, but to also expand and properly organize it.

So, if you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who have taken this opportunity to make some extra money with a side hustle and want to see where you can go with it, it’s time to start looking at the various actions you can take to make your business start-up successful in a post-pandemic world.

Back to School

In the past three decades, technology has rapidly advanced and infiltrated virtually all aspects of life, becoming a prominent part of the many businesses. The pace of this advancement has, however, eclipsed the skills and understanding of the average layperson, meaning that there’s a vast proportion of the population that requires upskilling in this area – particularly if embarking on a new business venture where different types of marketing are required.

Regardless of the type of organization you have developed – whether retail, business, or service –the key to ensuring your success is clever, eye-catching exposure, which requires different methods of marketing. Most people are au fait when it comes to posters and leaflets for advertisement purposes, but many of the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations are utterly baffled by modern devices, social media, influencers, analytics, and digital marketing.

This is where further education may come in handy for you: from coding courses and social media navigation courses to degrees in economics, business studies, and marketing, there are opportunities for everyone to learn a new skill. If you desire an opportunity to instead develop your understanding of these areas and the software required to enact your vision, a Masters in marketing analytics from Emerson College could be exactly what you need. On such a course, you’ll take a deep-dive into the cornerstone of marketing campaigns, using cutting-edge analytics software to assess and help support marketing and sales operations. This could be a complete game-changer for your post-pandemic business, helping you to stay abreast of the foremost marketing techniques and audience preferences, rendering your venture a success.

All About the Research

The early stages of developing a functioning business require a robust research and planning phase. Here, you can formulate a comprehensive, considered business plan that details your aims and desires, a plan of action, your overall budget for the first stages, and how you hope to expand and develop in future. In order to do this, research is essential. Analyzing the business plans of businesses similar to yours, their marketing campaigns, aesthetic decisions, and price points (to name but a few) can help you to make your own decisions regarding your new venture, as you can measure their success with various different aspects of their business.

Although it’s tempting to ignore this stage or complete it with minimal detail, you would do well to recognize that planning is essential if you want to succeed – particularly if you have a limited amount of money you can invest at this stage.

Getting to Grips with the Digital Side

In an increasingly digital age, electronic devices, social media, and specialized software have become integral to everyday life – there’s hardly any activity or event that doesn’t require a digital element, either as a minor facet or as the very crux of it. This means that getting to grips with those elements that you feel particularly uncertain of is essential if you want to run a successful business – particularly as the post-pandemic world will most likely heavily rely on digital technology.

These days, social media is the key to the success of many businesses, online or not, making it vital that you maintain a significant presence on each social media platform – so understanding exactly how these platforms can be beneficial to you and your business is important. Playing around with social media is, first of all, a good way to build your understanding of how other businesses utilize these platforms to their advantage, i.e., how often they post, the style and type of content they include, their interactions with customers/consumers, how they link their various social media accounts – including TikTok, Instagram, Clubhouse, Facebook, and Twitter – and the interest levels of followers. You can play around with creating videos, stories, and posts that represent you and your brand, testing out ideas to assess audience engagement and analyzing the impact of this on your business. The importance of this step cannot be underestimated, particularly when more and more organizations have started incorporating an omnichannel customer experience to ensure that they can be reached via multiple channels and platforms.

With regards to the devices and software you use, research is required. First of all, you need to assess your needs, skills/capabilities, and your overall aims, then you can choose and practice using both until you feel certain of your skills. There are hundreds of tutorials on sites such as YouTube for those who would like a little helping hand here.

Embracing Influencers

Being an influencer is a relatively new career path that has become much more popular as social media has tightened its grip on our everyday lives. On social media, influencers are people who have used their skills and knowledge regarding different aspects of life – fashion, computer games, coaching, eco-friendly living, mental health support – to create content for others consume. Brands and businesses have started utilizing this group to promote different products or services, based on their follower numbers, particular niche, or style, due to the loyalty that influencers tend to inspire in their followers.

There are a few different types of influencer in existence these days, and the key to utilizing them successfully is understanding the differences between them. The type of influencer you require depends entirely on the size of your business and your particular niche, and it is possible to search for the type you need once you have a clear idea of your business and marketing campaign on influencer directories – which can also be used to help you plan your overall budget.

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Be Creative

In a world where the majority of advertising has gone online, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd – particularly when many businesses are beginning to utilize online marketing in a variety of ways to promote their organization. Memorability is key, so designing a creative and effective digital marketing campaign can help you and your business to stick in the mind of potential consumers.

If you are a relatively new and niche business looking to expand quickly and gain a solid base of followers and customers, you would do well to allocate a good portion of your budget to your brand marketing. The more creative and impactful your campaign, the more likely you are to attract the attention of your chosen demographic. Cleverly conceived viral videos or tweets relating to your business can have a significant effect on people, stimulating discussion and ensuring that your brand is at the forefront of their mind. Gillette’s ‘The Best Men Can Be’ campaign, although controversial, sparked fierce debate and elicited strong opinions regarding masculinity and perceptions of toxicity on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, meaning that even those who had yet to see the advert or related social media content were at least aware of the campaign and its purpose.

When it comes to the design of your social media aesthetic (especially on Instagram), it’s handy to shop around for digital artists who are willing to design you a unique and relevant logo, and set a tone for your overall style that can be connected to every aspect of your business. Such branding is likely to ensure your customers have a tangible image they can link you and your business to, helping you to gain their business more frequently.Creativity is often underestimated when it comes to marketing and branding, but it can be invaluable to your business in both the long and short-term.

Preparing for the post-pandemic world is, for many, a little daunting to say the least, but this is particularly true if you are starting your own venture or planning a career change. To combat this somewhat, the guidance above will help you to find your feet in the early stages of your new venture and plan a path to success – one that you can actually enjoy!

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