Top 5 eCommerce Product Photography Ideas

Product photography ideas

When someone looks at your photos, you do not have enough time to grab their attention and convince that your photography is one of the best.

So you have to count every single moment. And this can only be done if you are an experienced product photographer and you have the best skills to show them. Just think once that does it matter what you are selling? It does not.

The only thing that matters is the aesthetics of products. It is obvious that the purchase decisions made by people are influenced by product photography and it has been observed that 78% of people who shop online want photographs to bring products to life.

There are numerous options in front of you. Either you could learn product photography on your own or you could hire a company that provides such services and ideas to improve your business as well as skills.

There are numerous companies out there that provide E-commerce photography services in order to improve the quality of your e-commerce business.

In case, if you want to learn on your own and do not want to hire such a company, then we are here in front of you to provide you with some of the photography ideas that will help you a lot to improve your skills. Here are some of the ideas-

  • Create a scene

There are numerous ideas in this field. Let us start from here. Taking a perfect picture of your product is important but focusing on the entire area around your product is equally important.

The background of the product must be focused in order to create a perfect scene to sell your product and increase its value and demand.

Selecting an environment that should match with your product could help you a lot. For example, you should use such a background or a scene where the product you are selling is commonly used.

You can also use the Bokeh effect in the background in order to make your product more attractive. A Bokeh effect is such a background that appears blurry as the background and the main attraction is upon the product featured.

  • Show the product in use

Featuring a product that is being used by someone would be the best option in order to feature that product and make it famous.

Before selling or advertising your product, you should discuss with your team about the requirements and necessities of the customer regarding your product.

Let us understand this thing with the help of an example. Suppose you are selling shoes.

In order to promote the shoes, you should try to photograph a person who is wearing the same product and the major focus of the photograph should be on the shoes that the person is wearing.

In this competitive world, you should always try to stand apart from the people and discover your own ideas.

  • Macro shots

Macro shots clearly mean that the product that is being featured is in the close-up. In a macro shot, there are numerous products in the photograph but the main focus is upon the product that is being featured and that product is been shot closely.

With the help of such shots, people get attracted to that particular product that is being focused.

In case, if you are giving the focus to that particular product and people get some memories from that product then their intent to buy the product increases.

  • Showing all product variations

When someone buys products online, they want to get every single information about the product and their other aspects.

People want to get different variations of a product before buying them such as different colours, different patterns, styles, and many more things.

In order to increase the sales of your product, you should try to show all the different variations of your product in a single picture.

Let us suppose that you are selling shoes. So you should photograph different colours or shoes of the same brand in order to give complete information about your product to the customer.

  • 360-degree photos

If a customer goes to an offline store, he has the advantage of reviewing the product in all manner by holding it in their hands and looking them from all the possible angles. The same thing a customer wants to know in an online store.

You should add the 360-degree views of a product in order to satisfy your customer and let him decide whether they should buy it or not.


There are numerous companies out there who provide various services in order to improve your photography skills. You can even hire them and save your time to utilize it somewhere else. Wiggle Media is such a company that provides you with the same. You can get numerous benefits including corporate film making. We have provided you with various ideas that will help you to improve your photography skills.

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