7 Awesome Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Business in 2019

E-commerce Business
E-commerce Business

E-commerce business is selling of services and goods online as opposed to doing business through brick and mortar premises. According to Statistica, the global e-retail sales is projected to grow up to 4.48 trillion US dollars. In addition, there were 1.66 billion digital buyers in 2017 worldwide. The point here is that there is a huge income potential in the e-commerce business. In fact, some of the gargantuan e-commerce businesses are making a killing. It is no wonder the richest man in the world today is an e-commerce businessman.

While the colossal e-commerce market continues to grow tremendously with no signs of slowing down in the vicinity, so is the competition. In fact, more than 100,000 e-commerce sites are generating meaningful income online. How can you promote your e-commerce business to make meaningful profits? Well, do not fret. I have researched some awesome ways which you can promote your business in 2019.

Without further ado, here are the seven ways to promote your e-commerce business in 2019.

·        Easy to use and responsive website

You have probably heard that the first impression is the last impression. If you want to promote your e-commerce business, you have to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. For instance, you should have a descriptive menu where your site visitors can access product and category pages.

Choose suitable colors and themes. Provide bespoke customer experience. The catch here is to reduce bounce rate and increase chances of a continuing relationship. According to studies, a personalized experience can increase sales by 18%. Similarly, more than 30% of online sales occur through mobile devices. Ensure your site is intuitive and easy for mobile use.

·        Increase traffic through SEO & retargeting

Search engine optimization is one of the best options for free and targeted traffic. When you optimize your e-commerce website, you will get free organic traffic. Search engines rank your site higher such that when people search for a product your site will pop up. Hence more visitors will come to your website.

To increase your site’s visibility through ecommerce SEO, make use of ideal keywords in your content, titles and Meta description. Without traffic, you will hardly make it in the e-commerce business. Retargeting is using ads targeted at customers who leave your site without making a purchase.

·        Use social media and email list

The number of social media users in the world was 3.196 billion. If you learn how to make the best use of social media for your e-commerce business, it will give you prodigious results. Social media platforms will get your online store more customers through brand awareness. The right platform will give exposure to your e-commerce business. Post your products regularly and interact with potential customers via the comments. This is a great way to make contact with people who can help your business grow exponentially. Provide giveaways and run contests to increase followers and likes.

Email list establishes an ongoing relationship with customers. When customers opt to your email list, they open a communication door for constant communication with your brand. It is not a surprise that email marketing is one of the marketing undertakings with the highest conversion rate.  So this year ensure you offer an email sign up deals and urge people to subscribe. To keep your e-commerce bustling send useful and relevant emails exclusively.

·        Payment Options

The payment process plays a critical role in the success of your business. Payment methods vary from one location to another due to technology adoption. To some people cash on delivery is more appealing while other people believe in electronic money transfer. So it is imperative that you first understand the market you are focusing on options for ideal payment options. The goal is to make customers feel comfortable and at ease when making purchases. While it is prudent to incorporate electronic wallet transfer system, it is also shrewd to maintain the tradition cash on delivery option.

·        Build brand loyalty

To sustain and have solid recognition of your online store it is imperative that you build credibly. In the past, massive online stores have failed miserably and become obsolete due to failure to instill loyalty in customers. Simply integrate product rating, reviews, customer surveys and stellar customer experience.  According to a study by bond 81% of customer continue to shop with the same brand due to customer loyalty.

Reviews and rating impact a trust factor about a particular product in the mind of a customer. Reviews can break or make your conversions. Use coupons and loyalty points to get reviews from customers. This makes the purchase process smooth and user-friendly. It may encourage buyers to make purchases again and recommend your business to other people. First, build credibility and loyalty will fall into place.

·        Scale customer support

A recent Pricewatercoopers report called Total retail report 2016 shows that customer expectations grow exponentially over time. If your online store cannot meet these expectations, you will be doomed to fail. There are numerous ways you can keep in touch with customers when they need support.

Sometimes customers have specific questions regarding your product. This is where Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) come in handy.  Also, a question and answer section is an ideal solution for supporting customers.

Ensure you have a customer support team on the standby on your social media platforms. But the most convenient method is a chat box. Chatting provides customers with real-time answers. This impacts confidence and loyalty which can boost your e-commerce business.

·        Analyze and Set your objectives

To be where you want, you need to know where you are coming from. Analyze your competitors, analyze you winning, loses, and find out what you can do better. Knowing your strength and weakness will prepare you for the next step. Analyzing and generating actionable insights is paramount.

Then set revenue and profit targets. Clear goals and objectives will give you a clear path ahead.


There is great potential for e-commerce growth in 2019.  However, with ever growing competition promoting your business can be quite an exacting endeavor. Interact with customers through social media and emails, prioritize on making your site design user-friendly and initiate loyalty you can rest assured the task won’t be onerous.

Remember Content is the King. You need great content ranging from broadcast to videos to attract clients. It helps in new marketing trend to retain and grow long term customers. Customized content appeals and drives new visitors to your website.

In a nutshell, there is huge potential in the e-commerce business. You just have to get out of your comfort zone. Execute the above strategies and then watch your profit burst in the seams.

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