Proven Ways to Be a Better Fleet Manager

Better Fleet Manager

Whether you’re a new or experienced fleet manager, there’s always room for improvement. 

Managing a fleet is hard work. There are company vehicles to maintain, drivers to keep happy, and delivery deadlines to meet. This type of pressure is only meant for the best in class. 

Luckily, being a better fleet manager is more than possible. All you need to do is use the following tips and be consistent with them – it’s that simple. 

Ready? Let’s dive into the tips… 

Use Fleet Technology Solutions

The first (and most important) step for you to take is this: equip your drivers with the tools they need. 

If you’re a business based in Austin, Fleet solutions in Texas will have some extra tools to help your drivers out. A collision avoidance system will help to drastically reduce the risk of your fleet getting experiencing collisions and accidents while out on the road. This will provide you and them with peace of mind. Plus, it will also save your company money, as you won’t have to worry about insurance claims or settlement fees. 

Establish Loyalty

In the modern age, it’s common for companies to have a high staff turnover rate. The past couple of years, in particular, have witnessed a drastic increase in employees quitting their jobs – which has come as quite a shock to the global economy. 

When a fleet has a high turnover rate, it impacts everyone negatively.

  • Drivers experience low morale due to losing co-worker relationships
  • Management has to conduct more interviews and training
  • Customers are unhappy because it usually affects delivery speeds

Therefore, to be a top fleet manager, you need to establish loyalty. 

You can do this by being a manager that your fleet can rely on. Make sure to listen to feedback, provide detailed appraisals, and go the extra mile to make the drivers happy. 

In the long run, this will massively benefit you. 

Create a Flexible Working Model 

Speaking of the modern age, flexible work has also become a popular trend. In fact, US workers expect flexible work to continue moving into the future. 

Company drivers want more flexible work due to the fact that it lessens the demands on them while they’re on the road. Drivers spend long hours behind the wheel and often don’t have time for their friends and family. 

Because of this, it’s important to provide them with flexible shift schedules that work for them. 

Upgrade Your Vehicles

As the classic saying goes, ‘a worker is only as good as their tools’. 

The same applies to fleet drivers. If their vehicles aren’t good enough – whether it’s company trucks or cars – then they’re going to underperform when it comes to deliveries. 

Therefore, it’s recommended that you invest in vehicle upgrades every half-century. This will ensure that your drivers get access to modern and reliable vehicles capable of satisfying customer demands. 

If you attempt to save costs by keeping vehicles in poor condition with high mileage, you’ll run the risk of your drivers getting into collisions – which is something you must avoid. 

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5 Easy Tips for Better Fleet Efficiency

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