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Quikconsult: Best Online Consultancy Startup of India


Internet has connected almost everything. From ordering food to booking a cab, everything can be done online. Even services like consultation are also being delivered online.

In India, Quikconsult – the popular online consultation startup – is all set to revolutionize the traditional consultation market.

The startup is already gaining popularity. It is being favored by Indians for instant advice from experienced consultants & experts.

The platform facilitates consultation through instant live chat and email from anywhere, anytime.

According to CEO Jas Kaur

“Quikconsult was built to dominate the online consultancy business, and become one of the top online consultancy service providers in India. We have a growing database of industry experts from 19 different categories.”

Market position

Although there are already many online consultancy service providers in India, Quikconsult is among few that cater to multiple industry categories.

Quikconsult aims to deliver guidance and advice to the people who are looking for experienced professionals to assist them with queries.

Following are the 19 different categories for which Quikconsult is serving online consultation:

  1. Agriculture/Floriculture
  2. Automotive
  3. Business
  4. Career
  5. Education
  6. Events
  7. Finance
  8. Fitness
  9. Health
  10. Immigration
  11. Legal
  12. Lifestyle and beauty
  13. Parenting
  14. Products
  15. Real Estate
  16. Spiritual
  17. Tax and accounting
  18. Technology
  19. Travel

Become consultant

Due to growing demand and increase in the number of users, the online consultancy website is continuously expanding its database of consultants.

Hence, Quikconsult is always on a lookout for industrial experts and consultants having 8+ years of experience in the above categories. Register as a consultant with Quikconsult.

Whether you need doctor advice, legal guidance, tax consultation, career counseling, fashion tips, or anything else, Quikconsult is the place where you can connect with top consultants in India.

Talk to an online consultant now and get the best advice from renowned industry experts and consultants.

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