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Real estate investment opportunities in Perth: High-growth areas to watch

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Undoubtedly, Perth has been defined as the Downton in the bazaar in the largest capital cities in 2022 and will continue to experience a competitive and busy housing market. It has upheld a great level of sales activity and continues to offer price development, although at a modest level.

Perth is now one of the nations in expensive capital cities in Australia. According to the experts, its median home prices are the lowest among the territory and state capital cities.

The great level of affordability and the power of the underlying state economy is raising the Perth property market. 

Investing in a new set-up is boosting overall performance, which is one of the biggest in the country. Many major projects lead to economic activity and jobs, according to the best real estate agents in Perth.

Some highest growth areas you can watch and invest in


With a rental yield of 5.5%, Leda ranks at the top of the list. Located 35 kilometers south of Perth City, Leda is close to the beach area of Rockingham. You can guess a weekly rental rate of around $300 for an investment property in this suburb.With a rental yield of 5.5 percent, Leda is tied with Cooloongup and Glendalough in the top spot.


Many cheap precincts are leading Perth’s ‘upcycle, many located in the far south of the city area. Sales have increased twice over the previous year in Armadale, and the price continues to rise rapidly. Still, the initial price stays below $300,000. Moreover, this area has many schools and colleges and a large retail-commercial area. In addition, it is easy to travel to the city center as it has many rail links.

Maida Vale

In terms of rental yield, it is 5.3%. Due to its closeness to domestic and international airports, it is an ideal place for renters with short-term stays. An average rent worth of $465 per week can be predicted if you consider leasing an investment property in the area.


It is one of the most vital suburbs in Perth’s northeast for services and facilities. Along with Whiteman Park is an array of schools, a shopping mall, and sports facilities in Ellenbrook. The Tonkin Highway offers access to central Perth. The price of a home is about $400,000 in this area. However, the sales have increased three times in the last 2 years.

Final words

This blog gives a view of the best areas to invest in Perth, according to the Professionals Wanneroo. They are one of the best real estate agents in Perth, and you will not make any mistakes by taking their aid. Contact them and get ready to have a better asset in Perth.

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