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Should you rent or should you buy a Property?

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It’s a common question that most people ask themselves at one point or another in their lifetime. Those who choose to rent often wonder if they are wasting money. And those who buy may wonder whether or not their investment will be worth it in the long run for any property.

Though it’s clear that home ownership offers many benefits, the decision to buy or rent a property is a personal choice that should be based on several factors such as:

Factors for considering:

  1. Market conditions:

What is the actual price of real estate in your local market? It’s important to understand the market conditions and how they may affect price before you decide to buy or rent.

  • Job stability:

Do you have a stable job and roots within your community? If your plan to continue living in your community for the foreseeable future, home ownership may be the best option for you.

  • Time of life:

What stage of life are you in? if you have a family, home ownership can provide a stable living situation without some of the uncertainties that are associated with renting.

  • Down payment:

Do you have enough money to save up for an adequate down payment?

Benefits of home ownership

  1. Financial investment :

In financial investment your monthly mortgage payment creates equity for you, not your landlord.

  • Quality of life:

In today’s life, owning a home can provide a sense of stability and control that you don’t often get from renting. There is a great feeling and comfort about coming home to a place that you own.

  • Do what you want:

When you own your own home, there’s no need to get approval before doing anything like you paint a wall or hang a piece of art. You can choose what minor and major renovations you make to the place you live in.

How Professionals Wanneroo can help

Professionals Wanneroo, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best experience. We are true and leading real estate experts in Wanneroo and other surrounding areas and we understand what makes this part of Perth such a great place to live. Whether you are a Property buyer or a seller, landlord or tenants we go out to ensure we deliver to you the best possible result.

Professionals operate on the values of knowledge, integrity, diligence, discipline, and teamwork.

  • Knowledge is essential to inform and guide clients
  • Integrity builds client trust and confidence in our brand
  • Diligence is a necessary quality in a profession where legwork, the accuracy of details and a procedural style of working are the norm
  • Discipline is the driving force that helps achieve results in a time-bound manner
  • Teamwork keeps members going and gives them the opportunity to learn from one another

With continually training and updating knowledge professionals are honoring clients with negotiating skills, keeping up with legislative changes and of course making sure that they know everything about the real estate market in our local areas, therefore, it makes us the Best Real Estate Agent in Perth as we offer the best real estate services. Professional provides services in other various location of Perth such as Wanneroo, Tapping, Hocking, Ashby, Pearsall, Sinagra, Banksia Grove & Carramar.

Professionals team ranges from young and dynamic to the industry’s most established and respected agents all of whom radiate energy and enthusiasm for their clients and their career.

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Address: Unit 2, 947 Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo WA 6065

Contact at:  (08)9306 1111or (08)9306 1336

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