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Reasons Why your Website Traffic is Down


If you’re running a website and you’ve experienced that your site traffic suddenly drops down. Then there could be many reasons behind this. It can be due to a new Google algorithm update or there can be any other reasons why your website traffic dropped suddenly and significantly. Whenever your organic traffic drops, there’s panic, confusion, and a sense of uncertainty about how to make things go in the correct direction as soon as possible.

This can do great damage to your website traffic if not resolved on time. This causes the website’s organic traffic to drop significantly. Apart from that website has to go through a huge chunk of traffic lost that can include potential customer. It is seen that this disturbing situation can become a disaster for any online business.

Trending Users searches

It is noticed that search patterns change with time. Moreover, this change cannot be controlled as search habits keep on changing. Talking about these changes, these are due to the introduction of strong new content on the web. This is directly proportional to what keywords people are searching on the web.

Therefore, understanding these changes and getting aware of those trends can help to regain lost traffic. This can be done by concentrating on how people search for services and products. It is well known that the disorders in traffic patterns are especially prominent where search meets with local demands. Thus, try to focus on where the searchers are focusing on.

There can be facts such as the migration of users to mobile devices. It totally depends on how peoples communicate with a business, like providing visitors/clients with the options to call, text or an immediate phone call. This can increase lead generation over your competition where the visitor tries to skip the lengthy process of filling the query form.

Change in Consumer Habits

To identify what has changed on the web is an interesting research field. There are many firms that research to find out the change in the pattern of the searches on the web.

Thus, their focus it to check what changed in order to understand the whole shift for what people are searching. There can be the reason the traffic of competitive product or service going up elsewhere.

It is the fact the web Traffic Changes any point of time due to Changing Habits of the seekers. The shift in the trends affects the kinds of traffic you should be trying to attract. Moreover, traffic is also affected due to the kinds of promotional activities that are broadcasted from your end to engage potential customers.

Earlier potential customers used to read blogs or go to a directory to find views of products. Now the trend is changed, they visit the dedicated social community of the product to look for expert reviews. For example, YouTube. There can be another reason that people are searching for keywords that don’t have any prime position in the market.

Thus, try to identify those keywords that have abandoned searches for a particular product or service.

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Indexing Issues

This is another issue which has its own importance as every website have an aim that Google crawls them. This isn’t Google’s fault that it did not go through your website at the time of crawling whereas it’s a sign that your traffic levels have outgrown your web hosting plan.

With time as a website becomes popular more unwanted (rogue) bots begin to hit your website. At the time those bots hit particular site the meantime GoogleBot is indexing your site which unfortunately results that your site runs out of resources.

The worst can happen when the web host will stop showing web pages (404 Page Not Found).

There are few steps to slow the effect of rogue traffic like opting for a more robust web hosting plan. Apart from that, the use of Firewalls such as Sucuri and WordFence can help slow down or stop rogue bot traffic. To make ensure your websites gets indexed easily you should work also on your website loading time as well. Slow loading time of website increases in bounce rate as well which is noticed by the Google crawler. It is better to optimize your website loading speed by minifying javascript, reduce image size and other factors which are important for slow website loading time.

Hacking of the website

It happens that a site gets hacked which subsequent in unauthorized links and web pages being created. The movement the site is hacked it creates a negative impact in ranking. To determine if a site has been hacked or not use an FTP program to review the site.

After you are logged into the site with an FTP client you will see that the pages and folders that have been recently modified that are a sign that web pages might be hacked. It can be easily identified if the files created by a constantly changing plugin like a backup software will show recently modified files.

There is another way to verify hacked web pages is to check Google Search Console’s indexing section. By doing this you can see if there are indexed pages that you have not created.

Google Update

It is an important factor that the website owner should keep in mind that when Google update their algorithms there is a drop in the ranking and traffic of the website. The impact of this update is for a certain period of time. It takes time for a website to regain the position and the flow of the traffic for the specific keywords. The update may include some major updates and other minor tweaks. It happens that most of the time they won’t announce an update.

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