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Having a responsive theme is always on the mind of a person who is having a website on the internet. It doesn’t matter that you are running a website which is for the purpose of online business or for the purpose of blogging. One always looks for the theme which is most responsive. The responsive theme is designed by the experts it is not very easy but it is only designed by the person having a grip on the JavaScript or CSS.

 The responsive theme is made in such a way that it provides the layout and all other stuff the same as that of on desktop version. Thus it enables the website to open the same on the iPad, Android phone, or any other mobile. Responsive web design templates are so important for the bloggers too because they also want their blogs to be mobile friendly and to gain traffic on their website. In this regard, templatemonster.com can provide you with the best responsive theme for your blogs. That will attract the traffic on your blog and on the store if you are running an online business.

 The responsive theme makes your blog to rank high on Google. It is because the Google favors the website that can be searched and open on the mobile phone easily as it contains the same URL on the desktop as well as on the mobile phone which provides optimization and in the search engine, it ranks high thus having a responsive theme can rank you high which will give you more traffic and your blog will rank high in the search engine. 

 As per an estimate, 60% of the searches are done on mobile phones. So by keeping this in mind and searching for the best responsive theme is the best way to go. So that you can give tough competition to others. As there on the internet, everyone wants to rank no 1. So in this regard, there is a competition around for the top page ranking. Thus being mobile-friendly can provide your blog a boost on the search engine.

 Top 3 responsive theme:-

 Master Blog theme for word press:- 

 In my ranking, I personally rank the master blog as the number 1 all around the world’s responsive theme for Word Press blogging. As it is so perfectly and cleanly designed that it gives a blogger with so many options and features to enrich its blog with many things. It is designed in such a way that it can be useful for personal blogs as well as for the one which is to be used for professional services. The well-designed layout and other stuff are so enchanting that your blog will get a lead in the head to head race with others and will provide you more traffic. It is also enriched with the other features of being so easy to customize, smooth handling, editing, and clear images. The price of it is a bit costly but in front of passion, everything fails it can be bought for 70 dollars. 


 This theme ranks as 2nd in my list of responsive themes. It is a much effective, smooth, elastic, and highly reliable theme. It is so well designed that it is mobile friendly that can be accessed both with the desktop and mobile versions. It contains a lot of exciting features. Containing a vast field of options to control and customize the blog. The best feature is automatic up to date feature is up to date is very important so this adds much to the blog in competing with the professionals. The SEO and the coding of this theme make it sure that the blog gains a major and good rank on different search engine sites so that you can gain more traffic. Many users have used the genesis theme and most of them preferred to use it because of its reliability. This theme is created by the studio press and is available for buying at 60 dollars.


 If you are running a blog on the niche having style, fashion, and all of that kind of stuff then the best theme for that kind of blog is the Dolce WordPress theme. It is very modernized or I should say that a stylish type of theme is having a special design for the blog. It contains some major feature that will give your blog a special look as it contains more than 3 homepages along with other option such as it contain gallery along with the blog also a video section where you can add a short trial video and also it possesses customizing and optimizing option.

 It is a very reliable and secure theme that protects and enticing view providers to the blog. SEO at optimum and will rank high. As it is so eye-catching in its style people opt for it. The responsive design of the DOLCE will make it to have the best look at mobile phones as well. In the desktop version, it will have the cool look but at the same time, the mobile version would have the same enchanting look it will provide. If you want to buy this theme it will cost you 40 dollars. 


 If you don’t like the stuff or something that is in your mind is not fulfilled by these top 3 responsive themes you can switch to the other options to download the theme from the Word Press and use it for your website. Thus one must choose a responsive web designed template for its website because it will provide you with a lot of benefits. For themes, you can also look in the templatemonster.com as it contains thousands of newly and freshly designed theme for your blog.

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