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6 Ways Website Design Affects PPC Marketing Campaigns

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Are you aware that your website design affects PPC campaign of your business? Many people think that both areas are not connected to each other. They will be surprised to know that even the best-planned advertising campaigns will not be productive if the users are directed to an interface which does not encourage them to take specific actions. Investing in responsive web design is not enough and business owners have to ensure that their interfaces are optimized to encourage conversions. People who arrive on an interface through a PPC commercial must not find a large gap between their expectations and reality. This article will enlighten website owners about how their interface’s layout can have an impact on their PPC ad campaign.

1. Primary Objective Of The Website

Modern websites are not just providers of information about the business, organization or individual they represent. Most people have a specific aim in mind while getting an interface. A blogger will start her blog to create a subscriber base that can later help her monetize the website. Similarly, businesses use their interfaces will some clear objectives. Some owners like e-commerce operators would want their visitors to make purchases while others such as B2B merchants would want people to contact them through phone, email or contact forms. It is essential to integrate the motive in the design so that visitors directed from a campaign take the desired action.

2. Visual Appearance Of The Interface

The visual appearance of the website must immediately grab the attention of visitors. This does not mean that you need to create strange or outlandish layouts. Simply designed websites can make a great impact on viewers provided the best development and design practices have been employed in their creation. When visitors land up on an interface after clicking a commercial, they must not feel that they have arrived on a low-quality website. The design must look professional and incorporate the existing branding elements if any of the business. You must not forget that a bad first impression can make you lose leads that were likely to convert easily.

3. Responsiveness Is Compulsory

Mobile devices are driving a majority of the world’s internet traffic. People are using smart gadgets to search for solutions and carrying out all kinds of transactions. It may well be the case that your target audience is using smartphones to surf the web. Then it becomes necessary that you have a mobile-friendly interface. A website which is not designed for displaying on all screen dimensions will cause you to lose valuable customers. Users expect modern interfaces to render smoothly on all types of devices. It will make poor business sense, therefore, to not employ responsive website development techniques. This is one of the most significant ways in which website design affects PPC.

4. Website’s Page Loading Speed

Another factor that can impact the performance of your pay-per-click commercials is the page loading speed of your interface. Imagine a person clicks on the ad and is directed to the related landing page. Now the page takes forever to load and the visitor gets impatient and abandons the interface. It is vital that the professionals hired to build your website take some necessary steps. They must ensure that all images have been optimized and resized before uploading. The programmers must also use code minification techniques to keep the interface’s code lean. It will also be helpful to activate caching and use content delivery networks so that pages are served quickly to users.

5. Effective URL Structure

You may very well know that URL structure plays a vital role in the SEO of the interface. However, do you know that it also affects your PPC marketing campaign? Google includes a remarketing code in its ads. This helps in retargeting users with related suggestions in the future. Subscribers can create lists with URLs to target people who viewed a specific ad. An inefficient structure which does not contain the relevant keyword will prevent you from reaching out again and again to potential clients.

6. Suitable Call To Actions

The sole aim of a PPC commercial is to encourage viewers to visit the advertiser’s website. The conversion will happen on the interface where the content must motivate the visitor to take the desired action. This makes calls to action (CTA), an important part of the PPC marketing strategy. The CTA must reflect the primary objective of the interface. For instance, an online store will have a CTA like “Buy now”. On the other hand, a service provider like a pest control business will want people to schedule a demo or ask for a quote. You must ask the web designers to create easily visible CTA buttons with a clear message. These tabs must stand out on a page and be displayed easily on all kinds of devices.


You must have got a fair idea, by now about how your website design affects PPC strategy’s performance. Make sure that your interface’s layout ticks all the correct boxes before investing in an advertising campaign.

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