Saudi Arabia Become 5G top Speed Country In World

Saudi Arabia Become 5G top Speed Country In World

The 5G network has started in many countries around the world, so many countries are about to start its trial. Meanwhile, OpenSignal, a company that tests Internet speed, has presented a report related to the 5G network. Accordingly, the fastest 5G download speed in the world is in Saudi Arabia. While South Korea is at number two.

According to OpenSignal, the average download speed on a 5G network in Saudi Arabia was 377.2 Mbps. While the average download speed on 5G network in South Korea was 336.1 Mbps. The report includes data from 1 July to 28 September linked to 5G speed in 15 countries.
377.2 Mbps means that 377.2 MB of data can be downloaded in 1 second. It can be understood in this way that if you download a 1GB movie, then it will not take 3 seconds. That is, the movie will be downloaded in the blink of an eye.

According to an OpenSignal report, 4G download speed in Saudi Arabia is 30.1 Mbps, which is 12.5 times less than 5G. At the same time, if you compare it to India’s 4G speed, according to the Trai report, the maximum 4G download speed of Reliance Jio has been 33.3 Mbps. That is, the 5G download speed of Saudi Arabia is more than 11 times faster than our 4G speed here.

Rapidly expanding in South Korea
The 5G network is expanding rapidly in many countries, including South Korea. It currently serves the network in non-standalone mode, which needs support from 4G networks. Users have spent 22.5 percent more money to stay connected to the 5G network in South Korea. In the previous report, this figure was 20.7 percent.

5G spectrum cost in India
The Motilal Oswal Financial Services report estimated that it could cost between Rs 78,800 crore to Rs 1.3 lakh crore for A circle and metro cities. Whereas in Mumbai only 5G will require an investment of 10 thousand crores.

On the other hand, TRAI has reserved a price of Rs 8400 crore for 100 megahertz mid band spectrum. According to the report, if the price of 9 million sites increased to 20 lakhs per site, the cost would increase by Rs 1800 crore. With this the total cost will be 10 thousand crores. Similarly, the cost of 5G rollout in Delhi is estimated at Rs 8,700 crore. While the government has reserved a base price of Rs 6900 crore for 100 megahertz mid band spectrum.

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