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How SEO plays an important role in app visibility

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If you own a company, you would already know the importance of having your own application. A mobile app is as important as a website for your business given the number of mobile users these days. An app can reach out to people whom you may not touch through your online campaigns. An efficient app will work hand in hand with your website to help your brand.

When compared to websites, applications are pretty new to the business. It has been just 10 years since we started using apps. But the effect that they have on people is tremendous. From waking you up in the morning to charting out your schedule, an app for everything has made us app frenzy world. Businesses are cashing on this point by creating their own apps for their products and services. One tap and your customers can get your service.

The only hitch is that your app should have discoverability. Only a good app will become visible everywhere and increase your brands popularity. With so many apps available today, it is a challenge to create an app with great discoverability. A successful app will stand out from the crowd and attract users without much effort.

With more than 5 million applications on apple store and GooglePlay, it is a frightening thought of how your target audience are going to find your application. There are surely going to be other companies that will be offering similar services. Your job is to make people find your app.

One of the most tried and tested way of making your app discoverable is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not just for your websites. It is for your apps too. As Google has begun to add search results for apps in its mobile searches, people are seeking the help of SEO to be ranked high on these search results.

Here are some tips on how to use SEO in making your app visible –

Your app will have to contain only the best content that is relevant. Even for apps, content is the king. Make sure that you use original and important content in your application.

You can use a Software Development Kit (SDK) to add crawlable content to your app. With SDK, you can add marketing analytics tools to your app. These will use SEO content to make your app more visible.

You can also use deep linking to link your website to your app. This will enable features like Google on Tap that will help users to find your app at the touch of a button.

If you think that you are getting more traffic from apps, and you will not need SEO now, then you are absolutely wrong. Your app will need SEO more than ever. With cutthroat competition among app developers and apps itself, you need authentic app content that will be capable of placing you high in the app search list. Going with the trend, SEO services in Gurgaon are working on app discoverability too.

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