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SEO VS PPC-Which one is better for your business?


Boosting traffic on the business website is not all a piece of cake. You need right strategies to bring the potential customers on your websites. Amongst the strategies, search engine optimization and pay per click advertising are the best ones! You can bring traffic naturally on your website by doing the right kind of off-site and on-site optimization or you can pay for the traffic by using the PPC advertising. But the question arises, which one of the strategies is better out of the best two?

Before you choose the right strategy for you, ask yourself the following simple questions:

  • What is your website budget?

If you are starting up with a no-budget website, then opt for SEO. But if you have some amount on hand to invest at the right place, then invest on PPC advertising. PPC advertising shows better results as it has been proved that better conversions are achieved by PPC. While the SEO algorithms keep changing every year, PPC has no such limitation. It has a slow but constantly increasing the learning curve.

  • What is the average CPC in your industry?

You should be well known with how high the CPCs in the market is. CPC, i.e. Cost per click may be low as well as high. If the average cost per click in the market is high, then it’s better to go for SEO. The best SEO agency costs very less for performing the right kind of SEO on your website.

  • How much is the competition in your business?

You should know how much is the competition for your target keywords in the search engine result pages. In most of the cases, on the top of the pages, you see results which have paid for the promotion of their brands. If the competition is less, you may choose SEO over PPC. The best SEO Company in India applies all the techniques to bring you on the top of the search results.

Briefing the cases we have the following results:

  • The cost of SEO depends on your choice. You may do the SEO yourself or choose the best SEO service provider for the purpose while if you are choosing PPC, you have to pay only when somebody clicks on the advertisement. The amount may vary with the competition.
  • The organic traffic in case of SEO is continuous while if you choose PPC, you need to engage traffic by paying more.
  • SEO traffic has much potential but when it comes to conversion, PPC is much better than SEO. If highly optimized keywords are used in PPC, then conversions are better.
  • Both SEO and PPC require prior knowledge and experience. Neither of them is easy to use. One must hire the best SEO agency to do the right kind of SEO of the website.

Well, the bottom line is better is one which one suits better to your business website. Both of them have equal potentials and pros and cons. choose the best strategy according to your business!

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