Should You Use Video For Marketing Your Business?

Video marketing
Video marketing

Video marketing is now BIG business, with the advent of video technology being compared to a Guttenberg revolution for everyday people.

The best thing about video is that it is highly sharable, and a good video is more likely to be shared by your customers to their friends than any other form of digital marketing you invest in, including your amazing blog articles that you have worked so hard to create!

In truth, video is the new medium of communication, and for the younger generation (under 30s) video-on-demand services and streaming services like YouTube and Netflix make up the vast majority of the video services watched throughout their lives.

Video Marketing For Your Business

If you are thinking about investing in video to help your business marketing efforts, it is a good idea to go with a professional marketing agency that understands how to use video marketing effectively.

Professional marketing agencies like Eleven Marketing & Communications have the edge over freelancers because they have the marketing knowledge behind them. It is all very well getting a creative video from your freelancer, but if it is not a decent marketing video you could be wasting your money.

Here are four reasons that you should invest in video marketing for your business.

Videos Enhance Landing Pages

Have you got a sales page on your website that is just not converting? By putting a video on that sales page or landing page you could increase your conversion rate significantly. 

The same can be said for videos on emails too, embedding a video into your email can increase the click-throughs to your website and even expand your marketing onto platforms like YouTube and encourage subscribers.

Great for SEO

Google is changing the way it shows users search results, and in recent years it has put a huge focus on video results. 

If you type in a search to Google asking how to do something, how to cook an egg, for example, you are more likely to get lots of video results to begin with before getting any text-based results.

Video SEO is even better if you ensure your subtitles are correctly edited for the language you are hoping to target.

The Human Connection

There is just no getting away from it, using video in your marketing is the single best way to connect with your customers, apart from being there in person.

In today’s world of Coronavirus, businesses are finding a new way to connect with their customers that do not involve being in the same room as them, and this is where video really shines as a medium.

Storytelling Is Key

Being able to see another human being is a good way to connect, but building a connection can also happen using animation and other film techniques. Also, You can get your landing pages designs on these best page builders for WordPress sites that are perfect tools for any website.

Storytelling is the key to make any video click with your audience, and a good story will always carry any video marketing. Users connect with both live-action video (video with people) and animated video, be that CGI animation or cartoon-style.

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