Types of Technologies used in Web Development

Web Development

To know deeply about the technologies used in web development it is first important to understand what is meant by Web Development? Web development involves the work in terms of making the website for the (World Wide Web) that is the Internet or for the Intranet. Web Development is generally the non-design part of the website which includes the markups and the codes.

Let’s understand web development in depth to know the technical aspects of web development. Web development is majorly divided into three categories: Front-end Development, Back-end development, and full-stack development. These three different fields are interconnected in some or the other way but at the same time, they are different in some aspects. Various companies provide web development services which are named as a web development company in Sydney.

Now differently these three services are important for the overall development of the website because back-end development is associated with the server-side of the website. In which the back-end developer needs to deal with all the fixes related to the server of the website. Similarly, on the other hand, a front-end developer deals with the opposite aspect to that of the backend developer. The front end usually deals with the client-side of the website.

This is the major dealing because every change that happens is visible to the users, so it should be done wisely to keep up the brand identity. Last but not least full-stack development is referred to as the combination of both back-end and front-end development. This means it deals with both the client and the server-side of the website.

Some of the technologies that are used by various web development companies in Sydney are listed below to have a better outlook on web development. To give the best user experiences a web developer should be aware of the various front end and backend frameworks, technologies, and databases

1. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is termed as Cascading Style sheets. As per the field, CSS saves a lot of time and reduces the work. Also, CSS can help you control the layout of multiple web pages at the same time. Cascading Style Sheets help the designers to change the look of the website which is of great importance in terms of user experience. Additionally, the CSS frameworks like Tailwind or bootstrap will help in managing the speed of the different pages of the website.

2. Programming Languages

Now when talking about programmers it is more about their comfort and interest in certain programming languages. There are numerous programming languages but the language that is used by the programmers is based upon the interest and other related aspects depending on different individuals.

Some of the common programming languages that are used in various web development aspects are:

1. Ruby




5. Elixir

6. Lastly, Scala

7. Java

8. C#

9. Python

10. Java script

3. Frameworks

The Frameworks are the most important part in terms of web development. Frameworks generally take care of the repetitive development tasks or in general words it makes programming tasks much easier to perform. There are various frameworks for the server-side and the client-side of the website that are for back-end and front-end development.

Some of the server-side frameworks are:


2. Django

3. Meteor

4. Spring

5. Ruby

6. Dot Net

7. Yii, Zend, and Laravel

Some of the front-end frameworks are:


2. Angular.Js

3. Express.js

4. Vue.Js

5. Backbone.Js

4. Databases

The Databases are the terms that are relational to SQL and are non-relational to MongoDB. Databases are generally used to store the data that is shown on web pages. Some of the most used databases are:

1. MongoDB

2. Redis

3. PostgreSQL

4. My SQL

5. Oracle

6.SQL Server

5. Web Servers

These are the servers that allow the interaction between the client and the servers. The most used servers are the:

1. Nginx Web Server

2. Litespeed Web Server

3. IIS Web Server

4. Apache Web Server

6. Protocols

Protocols generally standardize the data interaction amongst the computers. The newly introduced protocols are:

1. DDP


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