Google Says Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

thank you coronavirus helpers

Google Says Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: Google has made a special kind of doodle today to honor the Corona Warriors. This doodle has been dedicated to the people fighting the fight against Corona.

Apart from this, thanks to doctors, nurses, delivery staff, farmers, teachers, researchers, sanitation workers, grocery workers, emergency service workers and medical staff have also been thanked through this doodle.

In this Google doodle, it has been advised to wear masks and maintain social distancing. In addition, measures to prevent the corona virus have also been told. In this animated Doodle every alphabet is covered with a mask. Apart from this, you have also been advised to follow social distancing continuously.

Google in August, along with the Ministry of Health, created a special doodle for the prevention of corona infection. This Doodle was advised to wear masks and maintain social distance.

Also, it gave information about the measures to be taken to prevent the corona virus. In this animated Doodle every alphabet was covered with a mask and at the end of the animation it was advised to remove every alphabet and follow social distancing.

Let us tell you that Google had earlier made many doodles regarding corona infection. Through all these doodles, teachers, food service workers, packing and shipping workers and grocery workers were honored. Apart from this, a doodle was made by the company, in which important tips were given to avoid corona infection.

Apart from this, different special doodles for doctors and nurses playing an important role in dealing with Corona virus were called Thanx.Also, through a doodle, important tips were also given to avoid corona virus.

Earlier, Google had made a video called Thank you doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers. Google has also appealed people to take special precautions through this video.

In the video of Google Doodle, doctors are giving advice to people. It is time, he says, to stay united and calm as a country. The defense of your family and country is in your hands only. During this pandemic, the most important thing is to use the items of help where it is most needed, such as mask and sanitizer.

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