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The Future of Real Estate: Emerging Technologies and Trends

discuss more about what the best real estate agencies in Wanneroo say about the future of real estate.

The real estate industry is no odd to the impact of new technologies. These exciting actions offer a variety of benefits, from advanced property analytics to AI. In 2023, there will be many real estate technology trends that are sure to dazzle many agents. 

The good news is that if you have a forward-looking mindset, you can leverage these developments and get ahead of the match. You’ll be able to attract a wide range of buyers and sellers if you use creative technology. In this blog, we will discuss more about what the best real estate agencies in Wanneroo say about the future of real estate.

  • Investing in fractional properties

An asset is fractionally owned if it is held in a percentage. Aircraft or vacation homes are commonly purchased using this asset strategy. For various reasons, fractional property asset is flourishing thanks to blockchain technology.

Buying a home is out of reach for many likely buyers due to its high price. People and groups can invest in fractional property to build a deposit for full property ownership.

Shared properties open up a new income stream for communal investors. In addition to enabling more diversified investment, fractional ownership will unlock the value of homes. 

  • Big Data

It’s a match made in heaven when data and real estate agents come together. It has become vital for real estate technology companies to study data and formulate data-driven long-term strategies. Companies use big data to predict trends, opportunities, and methods in real estate. The data can be used to support findings made by firms.

  • Mobile Apps

Mobile technology is one of the most efficient technologies used in the industry, for example, in creating real estate apps. In terms of leasing and buying, mobile platforms are the most famous.

Compared to traditional methods of finding an apartment or house, these apps offer potential renters several advantages. New properties are added to the market, and those no longer available are updated frequently in database updates.

Property buyers, sellers, and renters can also use apps tailored to their needs. They can help you find the house you want and connect you with a real estate agent to simplify the sale.

  • Digital twins

Online information will allow future buyers to study and explore properties more quickly. When looking for housing, imagine seeing a digital model of each building in 3D. Using such an application, it is possible to predict the critical parameters of an environment that a particular house can withstand (earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, etc.). Fire escape plans and current conditions of buildings will be known to maintenance companies (current and potential damage, date, and place of repair).

Additionally, digital twins can be helpful during the construction of houses, helping the developer determine their project’s safety. 

Using such applications, buildings can be prevented from collapsing, and developers’ resources can be used rationally.


So, these are some of the latest trends in real estate. You will see notable changes in the future that you never heard of.

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