The Luxury of the Priviledged Trains

Privileged trains


The luxury trains in India are a privilege that adds to the culture and heritage of India. These luxury trains are active since 1982. It provides a very sophisticated journey and takes people to different places in India.

People taking these trains get to view coastline, hills, mountains and other culture and architect rich monuments that show the richness of incredible India. Some of the luxury trains in India are,


  • Palace on Wheels 


It is one of Delhi’s most luxurious and beautiful trains that finishes in Delhi covering areas such as Agra, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Bharatpur. There are many restaurants and hospitality and food are amazing.


  • The Golden Chariot


This luxury train gives a taste of South India with a seven-day trip covering all the famous forts and monuments. It covers cities southern states like Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, and Tamil Nadu. It has facilities like a spa. Wi-fi, GPS tracker, bar and restaurant. There is also satellite and television connection in this train.


  • Deccan Odyssey


The Deccan Odyssey train was constructed based on the palace on wheels and covers most of the western ghat. Its main aim was to compete and beat five -star hotels except for the wheels that take you to places.


  • The Maharajas express


It is one of the most popular luxury trains known for the service and suites of its butler. Because of its grandiosity, it is known as the fairy tale trip. It has earned numerous accolades, covering Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.


  • Royal Rajasthan on Wheels


Travelling on this train is a treat to your self and you will be treated as one of the Rajput or emperors. It is fully air-conditioned and covers the historic cities under their reign.

India is a country of great comparison and diversity, and it can be a tough place to travel. Although there are distinct means of transport, it is always different to travel by train. Flight travel may be the fastest way, but there are many more benefits in trains.

You have the comfort of sitting or sleeping and have food on the train whenever you want in trains. Another of the most important things you can do when train travelling is socializing.

While we are travelling by bus or flights these days, we hardly speak to each other, but individuals tend to speak to each other on the train when you are travelling by train, particularly on the long-distance train. We get to meet a range of individuals and have a lot of tales to understand. 

Above all these benefits, these luxury trains tempt us even more. From listening to tea vendors and travelling in express trains, it is an exotic experience to travel in these luxury fully air-conditioned trains that have spa, restaurants and a lot more.

So, taking a break from a job for a while and enjoying the little bit of sumptuousness through these luxurious trains is all right. You can also explore well-known areas in India.


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