The top one location tracking app

location tracking app

Famisafe parental control app is the most reliable location tracking apps that parents could easily have for real-time location checks. You can easily have a check on the whereabouts of your child.

location tracking app

As the kids have grown up, they want more and more independence because they want to explore the world by themselves. For this purpose, parents can use the FamiSafe parental control app for their teenagers so that they could find where they are.

You could easily have a track of the daily activities of your kid’s device hey. You also get a parental alert or red flags are rose. you are also provided with the kid’s real-time location so that you could get the map of the location. The history of the location could also be seen at any time. The parents could set safe zones as Geofences and get alerts when their child walks into the unsafe space.

Special features of the best location tracker app.

It is an incredibly complete parental control tool that helps you to safely manage the way your child uses their smartphone. A smartphone is a responsibility that young teenagers cannot have on their shoulders. These growing up the child needs more and more freedom but by using these kinds of apps your father and mother would keep a check on the kid’s device by creating the account and link them through a couple of steps.

You could say that not exposing your children To the Internet or say the digital world is a good way to protect them but it could not be recommended because if you limit their growth and learning abilities now, they could not have a bright future ahead.

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location tracking app

location tracking app

being a parent in today’s world is not an easy task as you cannot track your children’s activities especially online. And even when you do so you could not control them much. The location tracker app helps you to keep an eye on your kids even when they are away from school or hanging out with their friends anywhere.

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This app is for Android, iOS, and the web that lets you monitor all the activities of your kids via smartphones or right from your device. The front and center of the location tracker app help you to determine a map that your child has followed the path with the exact timing of leaving and coming to a certain place. This app also provides you a map of your kid’s current and last recorded location. It also gives you quick equip on the quick shortcuts of certain user actions.

What are Geofences?

Geo-fences are the boundaries by the parents according to the safety issues. Your parents may allow you to go somewhere and does not allowed to reach some of the places in your neighborhoods. This could easily Be done by using the location tracker app and customizing the smart scheduling of your child to go from one place to another.

Pricing of the location tracker app

Famisafe parental control app and location tracker give you a free 3-day trial before signing up for the application. You could limitlessly use all the features and test them all. But once the trial is over you will have to choose A particular subscription plan to continue the usage of the application.

The monthly plan off location tracking application is billed as $ 9.99, Whereas the yearly plan costs about $59.99. This application also gives you a special recommendation of paying quarterly, that is, $19.99. The yearly plan is most suitable for many of its users. You could easily ensure the kid’s safety from Internet wildness while keeping them aware of every innovation and opportunity in the new technology.

location tracking app

This is the most reliable screen time and location tracker parental control app which has many features like location tracking and website filtering. This app also detects suspicious text on social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more. It also has a GPS phone tracker is built-in it. This helps you to track the live location of your kid and even know the location history timeline.


You could create a safe zone call tracking kids and get alerts when they break the planned zone of the distance decided by your parents. You just simply have to register on the parental control app and location tracker. These simple steps can help you in controlling your child. This app also helps grown-up children with good driving habits.

You can directly install this application through these downloading link




In this app, there is a free GPS tracker and mobile location tracker feature that enables you for knowing your kid’s exact location.


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