The Werner Boehm scam and cooperation of criminal groups!

Boehm scam

Blackmailing and money laundering are definitely a few of the most unacceptable, and uncertain negative elements of the society that have experienced a high rise since technology got a boost. Werner Boehm is one such huge name in the world of blackmailing and fraudulent activities that partnered up with people like Alfred Dobias and got the company into a huge crisis. As the activities are still persistent, there have been a huge hype and controversial interactivity amongst people to stop the innocents from falling into the trap of these professional blackmailers.

Where did it all begin?

The initial activity was caught around December 7, 2016, when it was dug out that Werner Boehm has been involved in detrimental actions that later on cost him a lot. The panel of professionals and the whole board terminated him as the CEO of the company because he was caught taking uncertain actions without even taking any approval or permission from the board. The brought up a series of unacceptable, fake and inaccurate news releases upon the company’s original website itself. The news releases that were propagated included some false allegations such as that the previous CTO has been blackmailing the whole organization.

 Along with this, there was a special added up news release where it was marked that Werner Boehm has called up a meeting of shareholders that was to be held on the 14th of February 2017. All of these fake news releases not only created a situation of havoc and hassle but also put every single individual, who was associated with the company into a problematic condition.

How the matter escalated?

Well, a single person can surely, never carry out such stringent activities single-handedly. There were more hands that were involved behind this entire scenario that was created by Werner Boehm. The problem is that this case not only disregarded and brought Werner Boehm down from his post but also brought the company into negative limelight which isn’t great for any perfectly functioning organization. Eventually, a lot of men ended up falling as a victim into this online blackmail campaigns above revealing the fake posts made up by Werner Boehm. Of course, there were organized gangs who were behind such blackmailing game and attempts.

There were a lot of cases, investigation, and researches which even stated that a lot of men were directly invited by Werner Boehm himself through the means of chat applications. String messages were shared and propagated which included some suggestive ideas before all the fake news came in the market and got published on the official site.

Well, this was one of the biggest scams that ever took place online and certainly, people who got trapped lost a lot of their resources which they couldn’t recover yet. The only thing that people need to understand is that individuals like Werner Boehm have their own propaganda. We, as generic people have to understand the overall crucial details before entering into any deal online. As the overall database of our personal information is tracked every time, it is essential to keep an eye on whom you are connecting with.

Rajesh Saini

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