Things you need to know before buying an engagement ring


You’ll be wearing your engagement for many years, so before buying an engagement ring, you need to make sure it is one that is durable and that it reflects who you are, whether it’s a classic design or a Pokemon engagement ring. Apart from this, there are still some other things you need to know before buying an engagement ring.

In this article, we will be discussing those things you need to know before going to get an engagement ring.

  • The 4 C’s

When you make a search on the internet about diamond rings, there’s a term you’re likely to come across which is known as the four C’s. These four C’s include carat, cut, clarity, and colour. Reason for this is because diamonds are generally priced and graded based on these four C’s.

So, before shopping for an engagement ring, it is important that you know about the four C’s to an extent if you want a diamond. Having knowledge on the four C’s will help you in knowing the quality of a ring and its worth in terms of price.

  • Consider your finance

You don’t have to spend your whole savings on the engagement ring; you need to put your finance into consideration before shopping for the ring. It will be bad to go broke just because you want to buy an engagement ring; you need to remember that there are still some other expenses you’ll have to take care of before the wedding. So, just look for an affordable ring that is perfect for your partner which she would love.

  • Type of metal

Most people usually go for either platinum or gold rings since they are more durable when compared to others. So, if you need a ring that is durable, go for one of these. If you notice that your bride to be wears more yellow gold metal jewellery, then you can go for a yellow gold ring. And she wears more white gold metal jewellery, then you should go for a white gold or platinum ring.

  • Ring size

You also need to know her ring size, this is very important. One way you can know this is by slipping one of her rings onto your finger and mark where the position it hits or measure its diameter. And if you can’t do this, you can get a ring that can be re-sized should in case it doesn’t fit in on her finger.

  • Her style

Finally, you need to look for a ring that fits with your partner’s style. Sometimes, it may be very difficult to find a kind of ring that is befitting for your partner. One way of getting past this is by getting her a custom designed ring. You can visit a designer, and tell him or her the style of ring you want.

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