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Effective Tips for Designing Your Website on a Budget

Tips for Designing Your Website on a Budget
Tips for Designing Your Website on a Budget

When you design a website your primary priority is to get traffic and secondly convert business. So, with such serious objectives in hand you need to give utmost importance to a clean, professional and user optimised design. But everything comes at a price and website design is no different in this regard.

If you are ready to spend a fortune any globally recognised professional development and design company can deliver you a website with a superb UI and a sophisticated UX. But what happens when you need to finish the development project within a budget? Yes, that is probably the biggest challenge faced by most startups and small development firms.

So, the question which is of paramount importance to us is how to design a website within a budget without really needing to compromise on look and feel, features as well as user experience? Consider the following tested and tried tips for designing a website within budget.

Know what you want to achieve with your website

The first thing that you should be clear about is your objectives and goals to accomplish from the website. It obviously depends on the nature of your website and the kind of business it represents. For instance, if the website is just an extension of a physical store, it can only allow design to accommodate its offline customers and spread awareness about the business offerings.

In case you have an online store, showcasing your offerings in a neatly designed product page and allowing easy sales command and quick checkout process, all of these things should be considered with utmost importance.

If you have a B2B company website, it needs to have a highly professional design with clear focus on contents and making a solid industry presence. If you are a company in the hospitality sector, the design at a glance should evoke a hospitable and warm feeling.

So, the design of a website largely depends on the business niche and your typical offerings for the audience. Only when you know the kind of invariable features required by your business niche, you can further try to incorporate additional brand elements to make it look unique.

Figure out your budget

Many businesses including a whole lot of startups only try to figure out their budget when confronted with the actual design tasks and requirements. Instead of doing so, try to make an honest assessment of the budget your business can afford. When doing so, obviously try to have your figure in complete sync with the bare minimum rate for professional development. Don’t expect it to be done at a throwaway budget.

Now that you have a realistic idea of the budget for your design and development project, you can now make a list of features and functionalities you can do away at least at the initial stage. Now approach some well known development companies with proven credentials for the website development of respective niches and have quotations for both stripped off design with minimum features and fully fledged design with all the features.

Learn and Do it Yourself

You are probably aware of the fact that the best way to ensure building a website within a small budget is to design and build it yourself. Obviously, such an endeavour may require a hefty amount of time and can also involve some serious learning of tools, to finish your project within a budget and that too without compromising much on the look and feel, cannot have a better option but to develop the whole website with the help of easy tools.

WordPress is a free and feature rich web development platform that comes loaded with an array of themes, plugins and extensions. One can easily design a WordPress website on his preferred theme and can further add features and functionalities with the help of an array of easy to integrate plugins and extensions. There are other free and open source platforms as well with similar type of flexibility and do-it-yourself capabilities.

Most of these free and open source tools that also come with an array of paid plugins for value added functionalities make building a new website easier for small businesses within a very stringent budget.

A budget friendly web design and development is something every business looks for but for small businesses and startups it seems to be an irreplaceable necessity rather than just a choice. Making yourself knowledgeable on the development and design tools and knowing the most crucial features, are two most important things to ensure a great website design within a stringent budget.

Author: Sanket Doshi is a Co-founder of Elitech Systems, A Laravel Web Development Company. Company also works for tailor made web & mobile application development solutions. Where Mr. Doshi works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a Web environment.

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